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2020 Year in Review

Democrats demand the Trump team show their evidence and keep declaring they have none just like Schiff who kept claiming he had proof of Russian collusion when he had nothing but lies. They are not stupid, but wise. They are not going to fight this battle in the court of public opinion as that would just forewarn their opponents what they will bring to court. This isn’t just an attempt to steal the election. It’s also an effort to once again delegitimize Trump’s presidency through new claims of collusion. Continue reading

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Obama’s Magic Wand

Donna Brazil, the former DNC chair who was fired for giving Hillary debate questions from CNN in advance, is now on FOX News, while Judge Jeanine Pirro was suspended for speaking the truth about Islam.  Brazile proclaimed that President Trump … Continue reading

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Democrats are not Capable of Civil Discourse Because They Must Lie

Democrats cannot be civil as they whip up hate then blame Republicans as haters.  Their ideology is based on lies and slavery, the very opposite of free speech and liberty, and they know it.  So, when people tell them the … Continue reading

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