Democrat’s denial that we see them cheating doesn’t make them right – #StoptheSteal

Biden Democrats prematurely declared victory. Liberals may believe that denial is a valid proof that their party is not cheating, but sticking your fingers in your ears while scrunching you’re eyes closed yelling, “La la la la,” while standing on a railroad track will not prevent the train from hitting you. The gangster defense that if they hide their crimes so you can’t find the proof makes them innocent doesn’t work for the righteous. The only way to get that proof is by force because leftists will never confess. As far as they are concerned, they have the right to steal this election because they accused Trump of stealing 2016 with Russian help – even though that allegation has been exposed as completely false. The reason 40% of voters have become apathetic is because Republicans are unwilling to fight Democrat’s cheating because they are afraid of the leftwing media smearing them. That fear caused them to surrender to cheating and that led to voter apathy which is what the left wants – a silent moral majority.

Biden Declares Victory, Trump Says Election ‘Far From Over’

Once again, Democrats prove they are the party of slavers, mobsters, gangsters, haters, liars, and lemmings living in denial. Liberals dancing in the streets at Biden’s announcement prove they have not learned and do not care to know the truth. If the Supreme Court overturns their voter fraud and Trump is re-elected, they will go insane. If the court doesn’t and allows the gangster party to seize power then they, too, will become as irrelevant as the voters. Democrats will establish themselves as socialist dictators. Liberals will suffer the worst for it as they deserve but we will have to suffer with them. Biden will not be long for the presidency as the leftist globalists have Kamala in position to impose the communism by which they long to rule. The commie fascists of the left will go after the great men and women of the righteous from the Trump family through the voice of good moral sense liberty, Rush Limbaugh, down to the people who stand against them.

Even Gore and Bush didn’t have the gall to declare themselves victors while the court battle raged. Liberals are so stupid they think that doing so makes it a de facto fait accompli and they are so wrong. Perhaps this time Trump “stealing” the election will drive the snowflakes to suicide? Just wait and see. If he succeeds in crushing the Democrat’s Marxist Revolution, if he crushes their entire communist party’s fascist machine to save America, liberals will be jumping off cliffs! He knows he’s in the fight of his life and what awaits his family if he fails. We’ve all seen how commie fascist regimes treat their defeated political opponents. America is in a fight for her life. Will we submit to cheating gangsters stealing power? Or fight for what is right and crush the life out of them?

Trump Campaign to Challenge Mail-In Ballots Counted in Absence of GOP Observers in Battlefield States

[Author’s Note: This election we can thank God that Donald Trump is president and not the likes of Mitt Romney. As we watch Democrats openly defraud the ballot process and tell us they have a right to do so telling us we can go suck it, RINOs like Romney, Christie, and the McCains are telling us that we should let them! These “Republicans” are telling the rest of us that it’s too hard to prove and convict Democrats of cheating, so we shouldn’t fight them. We should let them win and just suck it up. We should let the cheaters steal from us and just accept it as part of life. WtF is wrong with their brains? They think that is morally right? They think that is justice? NO IT IS NOT! Letting evil rule is NEVER right!

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” –Edmund Burke

They are the reason that 40% of the population is apathetic about voting. Why should people vote for Republicans if they are unwilling to fight Democrats cheating to steal elections regardless of the true legal ballots? Just because Democrats say they are right doesn’t make it so! Why would you accept the word of a thief? The answer is that the moral majority does not! But unless we get Republicans who are willing to fight the system that the left has imposed on us then we will never get justice. Democrats yell, “No justice, no peace,” in response to having just laws imposed on them. Their response is always to fight against justice. The reason we have police and soldiers in the freest nation in the world is to protect us from them. In their minds they are oppressed because they cannot freely steal from others what they falsely believe was stolen from them. In our minds we must recognize the moral truth of righteousness over wickedness.

Donald Trump is fighting the Democrat mobsters like Joe Biden, the Democrat pathological liars like Nancy Pelosi, and the Democrat terrorists of BLM and Antifa who are trying to seize power by cheating the election. He deserves our full support and loyalty. Liberals say they are right when they call us racists based on the lies they’ve been told. It’s time we stood up for what is right, or America will fall to the forces of leftism, the forces of lies, the forces of darkness. If we are not willing to fight for right, then we surrender to what is wrong. When our elected leaders give up the fight is when we give up our rights. Weak leaders are the ones who cause voter apathy by failing to fight what is wrong. Tell your representatives and senators to get off their lazy asses and fight for what is right and stand by President Trump or gtfo like Jeff Flake and join the Democrats!]

Liberals say they “didn’t vote out of hate.” Try having a discussion with them about this election and see how quickly they devolve into wishing Trump and all his supporters were dead. Yeah, there’s no hate in their hearts. Denial is an ugly thing in the two-faced world of leftism. There are as misinformed of the reality of fascist and communists being one in the same because they don’t know history. Because communist Russia and Nazi Germany fought at the end of WWII when they were allied at the beginning, they don’t realize that the gay community siding with Islam against Christianity will end the same way. This is all in keeping with their delusional view of themselves and their beliefs that:

  • Trump supporters, not they, are the racists
  • the rightwing, not the leftwing, are fascists
  • Democrat voter fraud is fake while Russia collusion is real
  • their violent riots are peaceful protests
  • the righteous, not themselves, are deluded by fantasy theories of God while their climate change Armageddon is “science”
  • the left is right, and the right is wrong

While Biden made a speech as “president-elect,” the election has NOT been certified. News media does not elect the president. His speech of unity that RINOs applaud claiming he would “heal this nation” is a buttload of bogus pig manure he’s spewing from his mouth when it has been they who have been dividing this nation. We don’t have to wait and see if Democrats will change. We know from history that they will not. They will merely lie about who they are while they persecute the righteous saying they are not.

Everything in which liberals believe is backwards from what actually is.

In 30 States, A Computer System Known To Be Defective Is Tallying Votes Switched From Trump to Biden

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Trump will not surrender to Democrat cheating

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8 Responses to Democrat’s denial that we see them cheating doesn’t make them right – #StoptheSteal

  1. Thank you for communicating truth. This has been a lost commodity in recent years. George Orwell just missed the date by a few decades. So sad that so much of his book is being experienced now!


  2. allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

    Members of the Republican party are yellow bellied, spineless and /or testicleless individuals, let’s take David Steffen of the 4th Assembly District of Wisconsin and Andre Jacque of the 1st Senate District of Wisconsin often the latter and those Republican party Senate members always passing the blame down to the Republican lower house members when claiming that Emperor Anthony Evers overstepped his authority and they were going to meet and overrule the tyrannical acts committed by Evers.

    In the 4th week of this past July Evers issued an EO making it mandatory that all citizens will have to wear masks when in a retail outlet or public buildings, well the Senate before checking with the Assembly said they would overrule Evers abuse of power of office, guess no 1 reminded them that the motion entailed having to be passed by the Assembly first.

    I first wrote Jacque, Jacque whined about the issue never being taken to the Senate because the Assembly never got around to addressing the issue.

    It is a constant that such behavior is what you also find among members of Congress and I am certain that in both cases it is because they are terrified of becoming the victims of MSM slander or libel, guess they have not learned that their constituents do not care about the expressed viewpoints of deceit disseminating data source Bobblehead commentators and fantasy writers because if they did they would be defending the rights of those who elected them into office.


  3. allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

    That certainly is not proper grammar.

    It is not those whose votes count, it is those who count the votes.


  4. allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

    Recounting will accomplish nothing considering how many fake ballots were cast in favor of Biden and how many authentic ballots cast in favor of Trump were discarded, Trump should have had top notch legal advisors read to have those who actually are the keepers of the laws and not those who twist the laws to accommodate the interests of Idealist Elitists to issue injunctions against acts like Mail in ballots and vote counters keeping vote overseers from being able to scrutinize every step of the election process, please!, refuse to get any closer than 30 feet from where the votes are being counted, even through binoculars he cannot tell if the ballots and the envelopes they were sealed in look unprocessed or not tampered with in some form.


    • dustyk103 says:

      This is what none of us understand. We knew this was going to happen! Why were defenses not in place beforehand? Was this all a big scam to get America’s economy back up and running for one term and then let Democrats take over and take credit? Once their communist policies are put in place, this economy is going to crash and burn.


      • allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

        I totally agree that the Trump administration and the GOP completely failed us patriots.


        • dustyk103 says:

          Their failure is only complete if they allow Democrats to steal this election.


          • allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

            Tragically their failure to not take far more drastic actions to defend the rights of us authentic patriots has not left me very confident in regards to yet another tyrant left to rule over us rather than act in an executive administrative capacity, and even as all of us patriots realize that getting Biden elected was just a ruse to use the 25th Ammendment to get that Crack Whore Harris appointed president.


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