Hope for Republicans to make Democrats suck it up again

Whoopi Goldberg said on “The View” that Republicans need to just “Suck it up [Biden’s election] like they and Hillary had to Trump’s election for the last four years.” In what universe does this fakir live? Hillary and her fanatical liberal Democrats demanded recounts and have not accepted the results of that election TO THIS DAY!!! Democrats will just have to suck it up while Trump finishes this election tampering investigation. Trump doesn’t have to find millions of new votes, only throw out the tens of millions of bogus Democrat ballots. Then we can make Democrats continue to suck up another four years of American greatness!

Here is one bit of comforting information for the nation. Democrats are claiming the Constitution says that if a president is not chosen by Inauguration Day then the Speaker becomes President or chooses the next president via the U.S. House of Representatives. This is false! When elections go wrong it is up to state legislatures to decide their elections. As of today, the state legislatures of the seven contested states, AZ, NV, WI, MI, PA, NC, and GA, only Nevada has a state legislature controlled by Democrats. The others are all firmly in the control of Republicans. Only the legislatures can decide to certify their elections. Urge your representatives to hold off until their states make investigations into valid vote counts. It is only if they fail that the election is declared null and void and goes to the U.S. House. If it does, it is not decided by the House majority, but by the states of which Republicans control 37. This will be the fight that Democrats try to overthrow.

State Legislature Party Control

How the president is selected by Congress when voting yields no result

“There is NO VOTER FRAUD! Only Russia can steal elections!”

Democrats have a new leftwing fascist organization called “The Trump Accountability Project” or TAP. Their purpose is to make a record of all people who support President Trump to be used in targeting them for persecution via harassment, coercion, oppression, and destruction. They want these people fired from jobs and ostracized from society. If this sounds like the Inquisition excommunicating heretics who do not submit to their dogma, or like Islamist jihadis terrorizing infidels, or like fascist Black Shirts mobbing the innocent, or like Hitler’s Brown Shirts persecuting Jews, then you recognize who and what the people of the left truly are. They are the hateful bigots who pretend they are the compassionate patriots. They form the Revolutionary Guard of communists who use fascist tactics to beat down opposition.

Leftwing media pundits who keep screaming that there is no voter fraud, that it’s not possible, are the same people who screamed for four years that Russia changed the election to steal it for Trump. This proves three things; one, that voter fraud is not only possible but extremely capable of being implemented to steal elections, two, that Democrats have been getting away with committing massive voter fraud for decades, and three, that they falsely blamed Russia because they could not imagine Republicans winning without cheating better than they do. Cheaters always use the false accusation defense to throw of the righteous and dupe the ignorant.

They keep saying there’s “no evidence” as the evidence piles up higher and deeper than they can shovel their s***. They are striving their utmost to prejudice the people through jury tampering to conceal their election tampering. They’re instilling bias in liberal’s minds to prejudge so they can make them agree a movie stinks before they see it or believe someone is guilty before the trial. This is not unusual when dealing with liberals. The left does this all the time telling them movies like “The Day After Tomorrow” and “An Inconvenient Truth” represent true facts, while movies like “Hillary’s America” and “Trump Card” are fiction. Liberals always jump to conclusions and make judgements based on their feelings rather than the facts.

The evidence is being gathered. The facts are yet to be presented. The trial is yet to be made. And when the truth comes out, Joe Biden will be curled up in a ball sobbing on the floor along with his insane liberal base. Trump shouldn’t stop with these seven states but go back through the votes of all 50 states and throw out all Democrat election fraud. Democrats know that they must steal back power by any means, or they will suffer the consequences of their Marxist Revolution against America. Their cities that they had their militants destroy to terrorize the people into voting for Democrats will not be rebuilt at the expense of Republican states. Their militants and their leaders will be liable for prosecution by the American government for their actions in this 2nd Civil War.

If they are allowed to steal this election, or if they are not brought to justice afterwards, then America will be consigned to eventually fall to the evil left. Democrats will seize absolute power by stacking the Congress and the courts. They will fundamentally corrupt the election system to establish themselves as one party rulers. There is no reasoning with leftists. They do not present evidence and rational arguments with logical conclusions. They lecture, they threaten, they ridicule, and they blame the righteous. They will then sell out America to their Chinese communist masters. Tik Tok and Huawei will control Google, Twitter, and Facebook who already propagandize for Democrats by censoring the righteous. American freedom will be crushed and the greatest Christian nation of liberty in the history of the world will crash and burn from the corruption within.

The Fundamental Character Flaw of Liberals

Liberals and actors share a common character trait. They are both emotionally unstable. Actors use that trait to recall their emotional memory to pretend to be what they are not, and liberals use their emotional irrationality to justify their believing in things that are false. Both are equally irrational and emotional in making their judgments based on a poor understanding of the facts. In addition to these, criminals use that trait to justify their crimes.

Soldiers and first responders, in contrast, must deal with the reality of the dangers they face every day, and tend to tamp down their emotions so that they remain thinking even in the most dangerous of circumstances when life and death are on the line. They understand that yielding their rational thinking to emotions like fear and anger will only result in their performing their duties poorly thus putting them in greater danger. Every warrior understands that when they let their emotions take control, they yield their advantage to the enemy. Thinking is always more important than feeling.

The difference between soldiers and actors, conservatives and liberals, and Republicans and Democrats, is their level of maturity. Soldiers cannot be envious of those who are better than they at doing their jobs. They rely on those people to help them survive. Actors, in contrast, are jealous of those who are better than they at doing their jobs and resent them to the point they may try to sabotage them to make themselves look better. This is the maturity variance between adults and children. Children wish they could be like adults. The reverse is never the case. Immature people resent those who are better than themselves at whatever and express their self-disappoint often by attacking their betters.

This is why Democrats hate Donald Trump so much. He has achieved supremely in excelling at the American Dream. That he wants to help everyone achieve the best they can is why Republicans love him and why Democrats hate him. The left has taught liberals that they cannot achieve on their own merits, but that they must rely on politicians to beat down those who achieve more. They teach them falsehoods such as that others steal from them or oppress them due to racism.

These are the lies that the left tells the morally ignorant to divide us. Celebrities who did not develop a mature moral compass easily fall prey to their twisted stories. They all enjoy pretending to be us and being celebrated for their craft, but their hearts are not with us. This is why no celebrity is my personal hero unless, like Tom Selleck and Kevin Sorbo, they take a stand against leftist immorality. I admire some and honor others for their skill in portraying heroes on the silver screen. But my heroes are all real-life heroes who actually serve others and make personal sacrifices to fight evil.

Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh, and a host of Republicans in government and media are all that stands between America republic that is the land of the free and the American socialist state of Democrat dictators. There are millions of Americans who voted for freedom whose ballots were cheated. There are heroes in our country like Nicholas Sandmann and Kyle Rittenhouse who are demonized by the left for refusing to bow to them. They will do all in their power to destroy the righteous and force all of America to submit to their rule. Only if this election is allowed to finish accounting for all votes and not just blindly allow all frauds to override legal ballots will this country remain free.

“If all human ideas, good and bad, are allowed a battleground, so long as Truth is in the field, Truth will prevail.”  – John Milton

“To anger a conservative, tell him a lie.  To anger a liberal, tell him the truth.” – Anonymous

“If you tell a lie big enough, often enough, eventually it becomes the truth.” – Adolf Hitler, ‘The Big Lie’

“When you want to help people, you tell them the truth.  When you want to help yourself, you tell them what they want to hear.” – Thomas Sowell

“People don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their delusions destroyed.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

“Just as you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink, you can tell a liberal the truth, but you can’t make him think.” – Dustin Koellhoffer

[Author’s Note: Democrats are arguing making the backwards argument that verifying an accurate vote would delegitimize democracy. How would shining the light of truth on the election process do that if the results are legitimate? The answer is because it is not and exposing the truth would reveal that Democrats cheated extremely. President Trump is saying that if the election is certified for Biden then he just might run again in 2024. I ask, why bother? Democrats hate America so much that they will not hesitate to steal elections just as they don’t hesitate to kill Americans. Gov. Cuomo has said he will not permit Covid vaccinations in his state so long as Trump is president. Though President Trump lauds the vaccines and the manufacture of ventilators, they would not be needed if Democrats did not deny lifesaving medicines to their victims.

If Democrats can steal this election with their election fraud machine what would get fixed by 2024? All they will do is solidify their election tampering to make certain that no one like a Donald Trump could challenge their power ever again. If we can’t stop the obvious election fraud Democrats are conducting this year while we have control of government, what do you think will happen in four more years of Democrat control to conduct election rigging? Voting would become an exercise in futility. Only a righteous man like Donald Trump can true the vote. It’s not heartless to make liberals cry because they’re neurotic dupes. It’s heartless to make the world cry because we didn’t make the hard choice to stop stupidity. This election isn’t just life and death for the Trumps, but for American liberty. Voting would become an exercise in futility. It’s do or die time!]

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FascistBook has begun adding Democrat election propaganda to viewer’s newsfeeds in order to instill in their minds that everything Democrats have done in committing election tampering didn’t happen. Media pundits keep saying the recount won’t make a difference. We American patriots call Bullsh*t!
“Don’t piss on my boots and try to tell me it’s raining.”

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2 Responses to Hope for Republicans to make Democrats suck it up again

  1. allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

    If your typical Republican controlled State legislators are as frail and as incompetent and ineffective of countering acts of tyranny as those in the state of WI are:


    Article was dated 1st of August 2020

    I have written my state senator who is Andre Jacque who places the blame on the WI state Assembly for not passing the proposal of overruling Evers edict, I contacted David Steffen who is Assembly person for WI Assembly district 4 which includes Ashwaubenon where I now live and Steffen as well.

    David Steffen claims to answer all his own E-mails of which I have sent more than one expressing my displeasure with mandatory wearing of masks and the Republican controlled WI state legislature allowing Evers to continue to abuse his power of office through his EO, yet it was not he who sent the one reply I received but one of his pages who said he would pass my concerns along to Dave.

    So back to the comment about relying on a state legislature controlled by members of the Republican party making certain that a member of the U.S.C.P. did not meddle in the election process of the people of their state is nothing to feel secure about.

    Liked by 1 person

    • dustyk103 says:

      So very true! But I have faith in Donald Trump that he will put the team together that will not surrender! If they do, then all is lost! The chance of that is extremely small. You don’t become a billionaire by quitting when the going gets tough. You figure out how to beat the system.


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