President Trump Wages War on Democrat Election Tampering

Mail-in voting, no voter ID or even a signature match required, liberal judges allowing ballots to be mailed in after Election Day results are tabulated, Republican observers obstructed from ballot counting rooms, postal workers back dating envelopes to Election Day, ballot harvesting, dead people voting in droves, illegal aliens voting under stolen identities, Democrats voting in places they no longer live. These are just a few of the irregularities that racked up millions of extra votes for Democrats around the country. President Trump’s teams have filed challenges in six states that have voting anomalies. Biden suffered huge losses of voter support in blue state bastions but miraculously gained massive support in swing states. Down ballot Democrats lost big even with extra voter fraud, but Biden surged massively in presidential voting. What thinking moral person would believe this?

Democratic socialism of liberal fascists commands the masses’ obedience

President Trump is filing challenges in six states to investigate and counter Democrat election tampering. Leftwing judges are trying to block these efforts for Democrats, while their leaders scorn this as a conspiracy theory saying there is no proof of any voter fraud. That flies in their two-faces against what they have said for the past four years of Trump claiming that Russia flipped ballots. Democrat courts upheld Democrat governor’s changing election law on the fly to allow their states to count mail-in ballots after Election Day without proof of the sender or date submitted. This gave them the opportunity to count votes on Election Day and calculate the necessary ballots to be mailed in to flip the election. The fact that a state like Pennsylvania added 500,000 ballots to Biden in the dead of night, with none for Trump, is not just an anomaly, but an impossibility. That Democrats refuse to have this investigated rather than demanding an investigation be conducted to prove their legitimacy is proof of their guilt.

Meanwhile, Biden is pretending he is the next president even though the election results have not been certified. He is declaring that a Covid vaccine will only be valid if released under his administration. He is already announcing his cabinet positions and they are the worst of the worst of Democrats and RINOs. Biden is invoking a national mask mandate as the new American hijab. Even though everyone is already wearing masks, Coronavirus cases have spiked proving that masks are not the answer. Biden continues to promise he will shut down the economy again “if the science calls for it.” Is that the same science that says all life on the planet will die because humans generate CO2? The fact that Biden won’t answer any questions from reporters should tell you that what he says is pointless. He would be quickly retired by the radical left communists of his party should they succeed in stealing the election.

On the home front, President Trump has fired Secretary of Defense Espers for refusing to obey the Insurrection Act. Democrats have been rampaging through America’s Democrat cities unopposed to loot and burn and murder and seize American property at will. Democrats continue to call for police to be defunded and citizens disarmed in the face of their Marxist revolutionaries. On a positive note, the Stock Market is surging under efforts by Trump to fight for the election. Democrats hoping to profit from stealing the election are thrilled claiming the surge is due to Biden’s election. This flies in the face of the past when the Stock Market plunged under Obamunism instituted by Obama/Biden and soared at Trump’s election.

Democrats will be striving to flip both Georgia senate seats to give them total control of Washington. With that control they could gerrymander the country to favor them in House seats that will be changing due to the great exodus from Democrat controlled states. The population has shifted enough to cost states like New York and California House seats while adding to Texas and Florida. This would give them power to pardon all their rioting thugs, take money from red states to pay for their destruction of blue states, and the ability to flip future elections at will. Flipping Texas and Florida with their election tampering techniques would render all future elections meaningless. This is why it is absolutely vital to the future of this country for President Trump to fight the Washington swamp rats and win as he has been doing for four years!

The case for investigating Democrat election tampering not cut off by leftwingers on FOX News

[Author’s Note: Americans have a right to free and fair elections not riddled with voter fraud and tampering. Donald Trump won more than seventy million votes. How many more millions were trashed by corrupt Democrat operatives? They are lauding Joe Biden as getting more votes than Obama. How many millions of ballots were added to his total that were manufactured by those same Democrat operatives? Americans have a right to a true election in which only qualified citizens proving their identity only vote once with no illegal ballots added. If this happened, then the Democrat Party would fall into ruin as they rely on that voter fraud to carry them to majorities. The Electoral College was created to prevent some states from overwhelming others through ballot fraud. But nothing stops pollsters from engaging in tampering with ballots. Only an investigation that reveals the underbelly of Democrat’s true corruption will reveal the truth.

These disgusting Democrat sycophants in the media crying about Biden’s “victory” calling for unity is the most loathsome, nauseating display of two-faced evil after they spent four years demonizing the righteous and make their “enemies lists.” We already know that their plan for unity is for them to unite to destroy us by every means available as all socialists always do. They tell us that “Hillary didn’t demand a recount” as if we’ve forgotten that she did, and it resulted in Trump getting more votes tallied! They act like they didn’t spend four years demanding the election be overturned. Now they tell us to suck it up like they did for the past four years. If we did what they did they did for the next four years, they would be apoplectic. Ask them if they will accept the results when massive ballot fraud is proven? Why else do they scream that every ballot must be counted and omit the qualifier of “legal?” Because they are the party of criminals and thugs. Let righteousness rule this day and make liberals go blithering idiot insane!]

Name an Election Czar to Focus on Protecting the Constitution

General Services Administration (GSA) Responds to Biden Campaign: ‘Ascertainment Has Not yet Been Made’ on Power Transfer

BREAKING: Attorney General William Barr has authorized federal prosecutors to pursue “substantial allegations” of voting irregularities before the 2020 presidential election is certified

MORE PROOF OF FRAUD: Republicans Won 28 of 29 Most Competitive House Seats, Added 3 State Legislatures, Did Not Lose a Single House Race — But Joe Biden Won!!?

First-Hand Account Of Election Fraud In Detroit: ‘They Did Not Want Us To See What Was Happening’

Republican In Michigan Goes From Loser To Winner After ‘Technical Glitch’ Fixed

LOOK! Captured in Real Time: Moment in Virginia at 5:12 AM When 169,000 Votes Disappear Off the State Totals

AOC: I’m Doing ‘Everything’ To Win Georgia For Democrats So We Don’t Have To ‘Negotiate’ With Republicans

Fox News Ratings CRASH, Ends Week In THIRD PLACE

Report: In 353 U.S. Counties, 1.8 Million More Voters Registered Than Eligible Citizens

“GOP House candidate has clear lead with 100% reporting but race isn’t called. GOP has picked up way more seats than is being reported.”

Joe Biden Announces Covid Lockdown Panel, Plans Nationwide Mandatory Mask Mandate, Lockdown and Contact Tracing

Nevada Whistleblower: Workers Instructed to Process Illegitimate Ballots

President Trump Fires Defense Secretary Mark Esper


What COMMUNIST AOC Said About Looting And Rioting Will Make Your Blood Boil!

Lindsey Graham: If The GOP Does NOTHING ‘There’ll Never Be Another Republican President”

WATCH: Trump Campaign Eyewitness Saw Biden-Harris Van Stop at Las Vegas, Nevada Center and Unload and Fill In Boxes of Ballots

WATCH: Biden Supporters Hold Mock Executions Of President Trump To Cheering Democrats, “Kill that, B*tch!”

Social Worker Charged With 134 Felony Counts Involving Election Fraud

‘Burn Down The Republican Party’: Washington Post Columnists Wants To Make Sure There Are No ‘Survivors’ Inline image

Attorney Sidney Powell Drops Massive Bomb: “We’ve Identified 450,000 Ballots That Miraculously Only Have a Vote For Joe Biden”

Georgia: Investigators Dispatched After Fulton County Discovers ‘Issue’ with Ballot Reporting In County Which Flipped Lead To Biden

 Overall Multi-State Data: Mathematical Evidence

IT BEGINS: Schumer Declares Democrats Will ‘Change America’ If They ‘Take Georgia’ Senate Seats

Joe Biden is NOT the president-elect – this election has NOT been certified

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3 Responses to President Trump Wages War on Democrat Election Tampering

  1. allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

    You will see our economy crash, servitude to psychotic regimes such as China and Iran, loss of jobs to shithole nations, such as aforementioned China to the extent equal to that of the Obama and Clinton regimes if not more severe.
    Stripping us of all our civil rights by stacking all federal courts with criminal and treasonous Activist/Legislating judges.

    Already announcing his Cabinet members arrogance such as that proves you are dealing with pure evil incarnate.

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  2. guidvce4 says:

    Bush v. Gore 2000, chad thing didn’t work to flip the vote in FL. Close, but no cigar for the dems.
    0zero in 2008, probably a lot of voter fraud going on, but that regime was elected and no investigations were pursued. I seem to recall something about ‘ballot harvesting’, illegal aliens voting in various places, etc., but was not pushed due to the 0zero elected and the ‘wingman’, Holder appointed AG. Didn’t help that the repugs put up McStain, an avowed rino, as 0zero’s opposition.
    2012 saw the rising of another deep rino, ‘Mittens” Romney as the repug candidate running against the 0zero machine, with lackluster support from the establishment Rs. Mittens didn’t stand a chance and it showed in the results. Probably, lots of voter fraud going on via various means, just not ballyhooed due to…yep, leftist squelching, probably. I’m just guessing on that one.
    2016 saw the pantsuit princess being proclaimed as the eventual winner. After all, it was her turn due to her rolling over in ’08 to make way for the 0zero. And, the media and polls said it was meant to be. I’m pretty certain the programs were in place to make her the first female POTUS at that point. All the usual suspects gave Donald J. Trump no chance at all, or very little, to beat her and the leftist machine. Surprise!
    Yep. “We the People” had other ideas of what we wanted in the oval orifice. Trump wasn’t pretty, in the political sense of being ‘presidential’, whatever that is, and he was abrasive. He called a ‘spade a spade’ and didn’t mince words. For the most part. We found it refreshing. We elected him, hugely, to the office. Thus, began the real effort to overturn our choice. And it continued for 3+ years, to this very day it continues.
    The leftists(dems, commies, progs, et al) realized their error in ’16. They didn’t have a backup plan to counter the possibility of “We the People” not appreciating the largesse of the leftists in allowing us to vote for the paintsuit princess. Instead of electing a businessman and problem solver to the highest office in the land. And he immediately started changing how things got done to benefit the ‘forgotten men and women’ in this nation. And he continues to do the job we hired him to do, all the while being pummelled by the leftists at every step he took. “Orange man bad” become the mantra for the MSM and the letists. TDS(Trump Derangement Syndrome) becane a serious mental disorder, along with ‘liberalism’. The rest is history.
    2020 saw the rise of the machine to overcome almost any amount of legal votes the left thought they needed to overcome the will of the people. That didn’t work out well. “We the People” voted for DJT for re-election as though our lives and that of this nation depended upon it. Cuz we understood, and still do, that this Republic needed Trump to continue his cleaning of the swamp and its tentacles for a while longer. Like 4 more years, at least.
    The lefts machines did all they could to switch votes, allow illegal ballots, etc. into the dark of night on election day. The fauxdemic created by the left’s partner, the chicoms, helped by allowing some to vote by mail, early, late, whatever. All the while the cdc fudged the mortality rates of the kung flu to put the fear into folks so the chicanery could proceed on voting day(s). When the totals started to be tabulated and the left realized, once again, they had underestimated the total of faux votes they would need to defeat the will of the people in casting their votes for Trump, they fell back to the old school methods of election cheating. “By any means necessary” is not just a leftist mantra, it is their philosophy of political life, or death.
    Now that the facts are coming out, via concerned patriotic citizens one and all, their efforts to cheat “We the People” out of our choice of how we want this nation’s business to be conducted in the future, and who we want at the helm of this ship of state, the leftists are pulling out all the stops to make their skullduggery disappear. In this day and age of computers and the internet, nothing disappears forever. Someone, somewhere has a permanent record of what went on, and continues to go on. That’s what they still don’t get. Much like the emergency leftist voters, the dead folks who vote every election, ya can’t really count on the recent past to stay buried. This is what will bite them all in the butt, and, hopefully, destroy all their plans for our destruction.
    It has only just begun, this fight for our nation, and the rest of the world’s survival. With the help of God and the true patriots we will prevail.
    As a famous general once said, “We have only begun to fight”. I’m not sure if was MacArthur or who, but it is worth mentioning as a possible battle cry for “We the People”.
    Apologize for the length of this post, but I thought it needed to be done. For my own purposes, and maybe for others as well. Let your voices be heard and we will overcome this travesty of our election system and the leftists attempt to thwart us.
    In freedom and liberty.


    • dustyk103 says:

      It was John Paul Jones who shouted at the British frigate pounding his ship who shouted in response to a query if he had surrendered, “I have not yet begun to fight.” This is indeed Donald Trump. He reminds me of Gen. Patton. No political filter and always on the attack.


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