Giuliani doing the job of the DoJ and FBI with a handful of lawyers

President Trump’s legal team are the only ones investigating how Democrats are stealing this election. Why are the DoJ and FBI not doing their jobs of protecting the American people by upholding our laws to stop corruption? Stealing the presidency is the greatest crime in American history. Democrats and their RINO allies are all screaming that there is no evidence and threatening the lives of anyone who investigates election fraud. The people who designed the machines that they used, along with the ballot counters who added millions more phony votes to the count, have all gone into hiding from the courts. Antifa Nazis and BLM thugs are in the streets terrorizing Republicans. Where is President Trump protecting the people? Where are Republicans denouncing and calling for the prosecution of all the leftwing terrorists? Where is the media digging for the truth? WtF is going on? Is this country that far gone?

How to make America into a socialist dictatorship:

  1. Indoctrinate the young
  2. Propagandize the people with lies
  3. Declare resistance to “tyranny”
  4. Terrorize those who refuse submit
  5. Rig the election
  6. Steal power
  7. Subjugate the people

Democrats are America’s criminals. They are mobsters running a faction of the government. They lie, cheat, steal, and kill to get their way:

  • Lies to dupe the ignorant begin with falsely accusing President Trump of saying he thinks neo-Nazi white supremacists are fine people
  • Cheating occurs in the election system when they use machines to flip votes and add more bogus mail-in ballots when that isn’t enough
  • Stealing the election gives them the power to steal the country and make all future elections part of a corrupt one-party system
  • Killing anyone who resists being subjugated by assassinating cops to remove their protection and unleashing criminal terrorists on defenseless civilians

Why won’t Giuliani’s team show the evidence they are gathering? The answer is because they are gathering that evidence! If they informed the public and the perpetrators what evidence they are gathering, those people would begin a document burn, destroy evidence, and hide witnesses. Any witnesses that come forward would be doxed and terrorized. Dominion executives didn’t appear in the Philadelphia court to prove the charges are bogus but retreated into the shadows. Investigators don’t tell the Mob what they are investigating until they bring charges against them in court. Republicans don’t give lower Democrat controlled courts their evidence that they might suppress. If you are too stupid to understand how criminals work, then you shouldn’t be asking questions or making judgments! Just wait until this goes to the Supreme Court so no lower courts can obstruct this evidence and then you will hear the truth – unless Democrats assassinate Giuliani and his team as a last resort.

[Author’s Note: Leftist Democrat thieves are flocking to Georgia to vote in the run-off election of their two senators. Why would anyone give them voter registration cards and allow them to vote? The run-off is between Georgia citizens. Will they also allow Dominion voting machines and anonymous mail-in ballots sent in after the Jan. 5th election day? This is becoming a farce of epic proportions!]

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Banned on Democrat’s Nazi sewer Twitter by electronic book burning

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