Trump Wins vs. Iran and Democrats

Whose side are Democrats on?  From their hateful rhetoric damning President Trump’s strike against the Iranian general and his subordinate leaders in Iraq you would think they are with our enemies.  Considering how the two complement each other that would be a valid assessment.  Soleimani was killed because he has been an active jihadi terrorist leader who has orchestrated attacks that resulted in the deaths of Americans in Iraq along with an assault on our embassy.  He is known to have provided weapons to Iraqi insurgents throughout the war in Iraq.  Trump’s action has been denounced by Iran with threats of America’s destruction, and by Democrats with fearmongering of WWIII.  In retaliation, Iran launched missiles at American bases in Iraq doing no harm.

Media Melts Down Over Iran’s Pathetic Strike

President Trump announced that Iran has stood down.  Their lashing out is tantamount to a bully who, after being knocked down then getting up, mouthing off what he would do as he walked away.  What the world doesn’t ever remember is that this is typical bully behavior by Islamists who, throughout history, have always lost ten times more than the damage they inflict and always exaggerate by a factor of ten what they are capable of doing.  The fact that Democrats are speaking with the same words as Iranians is more telling who they truly represent.

Pelosi & Co. call Trump’s action “dangerous, unstable,” and in need of being restrained.  Democrats are causing liberals to quake in fear that President Trump will start WWIII with Iran.  This flies in the face of reality that Iran is a third world sh*thole, not the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany.  Despite all three sharing the same national characteristics, the Islamic world is as third rate in power as they are in culture.  Democrats are stupid to believe that Iran is a threat to us.  Tulsi Gabbard saying a war with Iran would “make the Iraq War look like a picnic” is just moronic Democrat blather.  America crushed Iraq, the reputed fourth largest military in the world, like a cracker – twice!

So, whose side are Democrats on?  Take this test.  Here is a list of things said by Democrats and Iranian leaders.  Which was said by Democrats and which was said by Iranians?

  1. Attacking cultural sites is a war crime.  But has he made U.S. more secure?  Do Americans feel more secure?  Are Americans welcome today in this region?  Do they feel welcome?

  2. We now have a president who is tweeting threats of war crimes.  We’ve had to pull all of the Americans out of the area, all the civilians.  This is not making America safer.

  3. He’s prepared to commit war crimes.  He has killed people of this region.  He has spent a trillion dollars.  He said that, U.S. had wasted $7 trillion in the region. He has added another trillion.  Is the United States more secure today because of that?

  4. It is a war crime, and to be learning from the Taliban about destroying cultural sites is unbelievable.  And the idea of spending trillions of dollars more on an endless war in Iran is, to me, just beyond comprehension.

  5. We are a law-abiding people. We’re not lawless like President Trump. He is destroying the U.S. Constitution. He’s destroying the U.S. political process. He’s destroying the rule of law in the United States.

  6. When Donald J. Trump was sworn in on January 20th, 2017, he repeated these words. I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of the president of the United States and will to the best of my ability preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. Has he lived up to that sacred obligation? Has he honored his oath of office? Has he preserved, protected, and defended the Constitution of the United States? The uncontested evidence provides the simple yet tragic answer: He has not. In America, no one is above the law.

Can you tell which quotes are Democrats and which are our Iranian enemies?  The odd numbered quotes are Iranians and the even are Democrats.  Can you find any time in history that Republicans and America’s enemies recited each other’s words?  What ignorant liberals do not know is that the same has been true throughout America’s history.  Democrats sided with the Nazis and fascist Italians in the 1930s until we went to war with them.  They sided with communist Russia, even during the Cold War, against the United States.  And they side today with communist Red China and Islam against the Christian republic of America.

It was not President Bush who killed this Iranian monster and his minions.  It was not their glorious messiah, Barack Hussein Obama, who killed them, and we have found that referring to his failure is “racist.”  Instead, it was President Donald J. Trump who smashed Iran in the face and knocked them on their ass, and then laughed as they got up to shout epithets as they walked away.  He allowed them to do that rather than act as Democrats say he would in pursuing violence inanely.  This is how righteous leaders behave – something Democrats do not understand and for which they would never give him credit.  Instead, they smear him as inciting further violence as if Iran was a peaceful nation rather than the world’s leading terrorist nation.

How Democrats behave is nothing less than treachery.  That Obama’s former Secretary of State, John Kerry, has been meeting with Iranians the last few months warrants more than just words.  The Logan Act specifically addresses members of the American government that undermine and betray the nation.  What has Kerry been saying to them that they thought they could get away with attacking shipping, oil fields, and American bases?  His actions and those who have given him directions to interfere in President Trump’s foreign affairs must be investigated and prosecuted!  To allow Democrats to continue to undermine this nation when Republicans are in charge is unconscionable.  This treason must not be allowed to continue when the world has become so dangerous to Americans.

President Trump has threatened to attack Iranian cultural sites, not because he’s a vindictive child that wants to break things the way ISIS did, but because Iran is using them as shields for their weapons.  If these weapons threaten the lives of American soldiers anywhere then they should absolutely be destroyed and damn the Iranians for using hospitals, schools, and historic sites for weapon launches.  This evil tactic goes back to Genghis Khan whipping peasant prisoners in front of his army as he launched his attacks on cities.  Yet even he did not use women and children from his own country the way Islamists use their own.

Only evil leftists will decry the righteous for making the choice to protect themselves.  Only evil people would do as these Moslem fanatics do.  These are the kinds of people that need to be destroyed.  President Trump is exercising his rightful authority and his righteous will against a nation that has been at war with America for forty years.  Just because they are a little pissant country that is no real threat to us does not mean we ignore the murders of Americans that they commit!

Iran is not threat unless they are allowed to get nuclear weapons and then they would be like a child with a gun.  There would be only one way to deal with that.  Democrats say we must have a national conversation about American national security and that Congress must lead that conversation.  Democrats want America to bow down to Islamists, allow a terrorist nation like Iran to obtain nuclear weapons, give voting rights to felons, and want to disarm law-abiding American citizens while allowing foreign criminals to invade us freely.  What Democrat do you trust to talk about keeping Americans safe?

President Trump address nation following Iran missile attack

[Author’s Note: Iran claims over their state run media to have killed 80 Americans.  President Trump says there were no casualties.  Who do you believe?  If you believe Iranians, then I would like to sell you the Grand Canyon for the low low price of $10,000.  Just send me the money and I will transfer the deed of ownership to you and you can own the greatest tourist attraction in the west to be the one who collects the profits from millions of visitors every year.]

Pete Hegseth puts AOC and idiot Democrats in their place

MSNBC Matthews lionizes Iranian terrorist as highly as Elvis and Diana

Sh*t for brains Democrat says no attacks were made on embassies under Obama – Remember Benghazi

Trump vs. Democrats – ‘Acts of War’ and Betrayal

Iran is to be feared because Nazis are good people, too

There are NO moderate leftists

[Author’s Note: Iran shot down a Ukrainian airliner that just took off from their own airport right after Soleimani was killed.  This is typical of Islamist jihadis to murder the innocent in retaliation for killing their guilty people.  Typical bully behavior to destroy the innocent to intimidate the righteous.  Matthews comparing this mass murdering terrorist to icons is just a disgusting display of evil.  Geraldo crediting Iran with “defusing the situation” by deliberately missing American troops is just the most pitiful display of lackwit thinking.  The Iranians know that if they had killed any Americans, they would have unleashed the full fury of President Trump avenging them.  Iranian revenge is empty, and Democrats blustery slander is disgusting in damning America as the evil in the world when they side with the evil in the world.  Iran even used the missiles that were banned by Obama’s “agreement” with them.

The duplicity of leftists is bottomless.  Ricky Gervais rebuked his critics in epic form telling them that “being offended doesn’t make you right.”  Islam’s invasion of the West under the guise of refugees making European states like Sweden the rape capital of the world, setting fires churches, creating no-go zones within European cities from which they plot terror attacks and attempt to colonize cannot be tolerated.  Their “Forest Fire Jihad” that ISIS called for is coming to fruition in California and Australia being blamed on global warming does not fool any intelligent person.  The left’s propaganda cannot hide the truth that wherever Moslems reside they want to impose Sharia law to enslave all people.  Islam is the religion of Satan in the guise of their god Allah whose teachings of Jihad and oppression to force all people to submit to them is why Islam has no place in the civilized world.]

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  1. Roy says:

    The Democrat Party symbol is the jackass. They should add the white flag of surrender appropriately near the rear end of the jackass. Selling America down the drain is our game and we feel no shame.


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