Adam Schiff’s Head on a Pike

In the Trump impeachment trial, Democrats have had nothing new to say besides that which they say in their daily speeches to the people slandering Trump and demonizing Republicans.  Spending three days repeating each other with the same opinions and admonishments without presenting a single convicting fact by which to impeach Trump was an exercise in tedium.  Leftist media’s raving over them is similar to efforts by the Academy of Motion Pictures giving Oscars to crappy films to overcome their box office failures.  Republicans gave a quick summary of exculpatory evidence proving that President Trump is still the subject of a witch hunt by Democrats enacting a coup rather than a Constitutional defense of the people.

By every measure known, Donald Trump has made America greater than any previous administration in any living American’s lifetime.  The fact that Obama’s managing America’s decline through his dictates is partly the cause for this by his oppressing America.  That there is a Republican Congress that semi-worked with Trump rather than a hostile Democrat Congress like Reagan had is another part.  That Democrats enacted massive voter fraud to steal back the House through fraudulent provisional ballots, ballot harvesting, and falsifying census records is an indicator of just how far Democrats will go to steal back power.

Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Jerry Nadler (D-NY) are two of the coup’s leaders.  Democrats are demanding that witnesses be called in the Senate to testify because they know the case that they brought, which they claim is “overwhelming proof of crimes committed by Trump,” is an empty sieve of lies.  That they think Bolton could prove what they cannot is as vacant as their denials of their own crimes.  If the Senate should bring in witnesses to testify against Trump, then Republicans can and must call witnesses to testify against Democrats.

Adam Schiff and his whistleblower Eric Ciaramella must be called to testify about their collusion to defraud the public with their false narrative.  Joe and Hunter Biden must be called to testify about their bribery, extortion, and corruption in Ukraine.  Let the people hear what excuses they can create to justify their crimes, hide their crimes, or dismiss their crimes.  If such testimony doesn’t result in Schiff and Biden having their heads put on a pike and sent to prison, then there is no hope that America will be able to overcome Democrat’s march to tyranny.

Just using this as a campaign finance tool to punish them at the ballot box is an empty gesture when their voter fraud is overcoming the people’s ballots.  Democrats are giving the vote to foreign communist invaders, domestic criminal felons they pardon, and their dupes who have been indoctrinated to hate America.  That so many millions of people are willing to put aside their intelligent judgment to accept whatever they are fed by Democrats is an indication of what percentage of the population are lemmings that can be ruled.  Those who hold their leaders accountable to govern them will be swept aside and put in concentration camps to be “re-educated” along the Chinese/Russian model of communist dictatorships as deemed necessary by Sander’s campaign people.

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1 Response to Adam Schiff’s Head on a Pike

  1. Roy says:

    Pretty amazing. Democrats want prayer out of the schools, out of the public arena while promoting infanticide, multiple gender identities with privileged rights and raising lying to an art form. They want religious observers and churches to perform LBGTQI marriages but they now turn to God and pray that HE makes sure president Trump is impeached. Democrat leaders are void of a conscience, a soul and continue their goal of The State being the new religion and moral compass.


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