Why do so many ex-employees stab Trump in the back?

Why does the NYT leak a supposed revelation from Bolton as he’s trying to sell a book at the very moment during this impeachment farce that it can do the most damage?  How many former Trump employees have stabbed him in the back like this?  Is it because Trump is a horrible person, a horrible boss?  Did he cheat them?  Were they fired for cause because they worked against him?  Or is it because Democrats are giving them big money to be turncoats?  If he is such a horrible person, why did they want to work for him and sing his praises while they were?  These defectors are reminiscent of Judas Iscariot.  Do you notice that you can’t find any until after he announced his candidacy for president?

Perfectly Timed Bolton Leak Follows Old Playbook

Republicans destroyed days of Democrat’s false narrative testimony in a matter of minutes.  They proved that Democrats praise Biden for the crimes he actually committed, while damning Trump for the same crimes of which they falsely accuse him.  Everything they present is a bombshell that will take down Trump and every one of them blows up in both of their two faces.  They always create half-truths by which they speculate, counting on the ignorance and gullibility of their lemmings to not hear the rest of the story when the truth comes out proving them false.

When Democrats speak, the media portrays them as “dazzling, stupendous, awesome, spectacular orators delivering the Sermon on the Mount” even as they fizzle.  When Republicans speak, utterly devastating the Democrat narrative, they are portrayed as pedantic misanthropes pushing conspiracy theories.  Regardless, even if what Bolton is alleged to have said is true, nothing Democrats say about Trump rise to the level of impeachment as laid out by the Founders, while they are convicted from their own mouths.  (Would liberals see through their lies if they knew that the person who leaked what Bolton’s book supposedly says is the brother of Schiff’s second whistleblower?)

They call Trump wanting to remove people who are undermining him in acts of service to Obamaism from positions in which they are doing harm a “plot.”  Since when do the servants of the president tell him how to run the country?  The branches of government are co-equal only in that they each hold a different rein of power.  Congress makes laws and gathers taxes by which to enact fiscal policies.  The President enforces laws and is responsible for the nation’s diplomatic endeavors.  When Obama was giving billions of American taxpayer dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood to create ISIS did any Democrat stand up and say no?  Was this not treason against the American people?  Is it not treason against citizens to invite foreign communist invaders to illegally enter the country and give them citizen’s rights and benefits at the expense of taxpayers?

Democrats keep asserting that Biden is innocent of any crimes because he has never been charged, while at the same time they assert that Trump is guilty because they have falsely accused him of crimes.  This is how two-faced leftist’s unethical mentality works.  When they commit crimes, they are justified declaring themselves righteous because they get away with it, and when their opposition tries to hold them to account, they slander them as committing the same crimes.

The charges against President Trump includes denying Ukraine “vital military assistance while at war with Russia.”  This, they say, is proof that Trump is working for Putin.  But what of themselves?  The same people who damn Trump are the same people that voted with Obama to deny Ukraine military assistance for three years despite our treaty to protect them, and they continue to vote against military assistance!  Can you get anymore two-faced than that?

Democrats are saying that the U.S. electoral system must be changed so that they can dominate without being contested.  This is what all socialist dictators do.  They must NOT be allowed to use voter fraud via provisional ballots cast by illegal aliens, felons, and criminal pollsters to steal any elections.  Democrats keep declaring there is no voter fraud when they win, but when they lose despite their voter fraud, they declare the election an unfair crime.

Why?  Because obviously if you lose even after you cheat then it must be because the other side cheated better.  This is how honor among thieves works in their minds.  President Trump desperately needs to write an executive order forbidding provisional ballots, illegal alien and felon voting, and clean the voter rolls so that people are not voting in multiple states or at multiple locations.  Do it now before Democrats cheat the American people and put us under the thrall of socialist dictators.

Supreme Court rules in favor of Trump denying Green Cards to welfare seekers

Democrat’s Vomit a Whopping Load of Bullschiff at Senate’s Impeachment Schiffshow

ICE calls out Illinois for releasing 1000 criminal illegal aliens

Biden says DACA kids more American than Americans

Adam Schiff’s Head on a Pike

Battle for witnesses a fight for obstruction

[Author’s Note: Liberal’s gullibility to constantly fall for every leftist narrative that they claim is awesome, spectacular, game changing, history making, and fantasmagorical, gives us no hope that they will ever learn not to be suckers.  Lincoln was right.  You can fool some of the people all of the time and they’re called liberals.  These are the people who never learned elementary wisdom from simple fairy tales like “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” and “Chicken Little.”  Their dysfunctional thinking is why their lives are always as volatile and irrational as their thinking.

Even education cannot overcome stupidity.  All we can do is fight for what is right and to keep them from cheating the rest of us.  That’s why they follow lying tyrants who believe might makes right while we use might to fight for what’s right.  There’s not a single liberal elite who mocks conservatives that has the intelligence and knowledge of conservatives because they lack a moral compass by which to make wise choices.  They scorn America’s country class for their faith while lauding their ghettos welfare queens at the heart of their corrupt cities.

Liberals have nothing but their hate and delusions.  That’s why they had 17 witnesses in the House not allowing Republicans even one, and now want more in the Senate without Republicans being allowed any.  That’s why the leftwing covered every lie told by Democrats and cut out every truth told by Republicans.  Witness testimony at this point has only one purpose – to shut down the Republican controlled Senate do they cannot accomplish anything for the rest of the year.  It has the added bonus of taking Bernie and Fauxcahontas out of the presidential campaign.  Pelosi thought she could just take them out in Iowa and N.H., but a series of witnesses could take them off the trail completely.  Backstabbing Republicans threatening to join with Democrats may be offset by Democrats unwilling to be dupes to their own deception.

The real question remains that is Bolton actually lying then or now about the president or at all?  Or was this just some NYT dumbschiff pulling schiff out of his ass and throwing it against the wall to see if it sticks?  The bottom line is that this impeachment is designed for only one thing – to sully Trump in the eyes of the ignorant to say he has no right to choose more judges, especially for the Supreme Court.  Democrats are so lost in their dark deceptions that they call standing against their false accusations a coverup.  Leftists must never be allowed to apply the law in their twisted, two-faced ideology wherein they convict the righteous of crimes while exonerating their own.  So, when they say this is about Trump and not Biden & Co. tell them to shove it where the sun don’t shine because that’s all their law is worth.  If the law is not applied equally to everyone then it applies to no one.  Then all you have are tyrants and victims.

The biggest piss of this is; why are Democrats allowed to make false accusations like coverup, conspiracy, bribery, extortion, and abuse, be free from criminal prosecution for their crimes, conspiring with the whistleblower, slander, coverup of their collusion, aiding enemies of the USA, and covering up their own crimes with impunity?  WTF are Republicans ever going to do about bringing charges against these Democrats for their frauds and their coup?  These traitors should be standing trial going to prison or the gallows, not standing for re-election!!!  Is this just a stupid political game or is this America’s constitutional life or death?]

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Donald Trump – “While we’re creating jobs and killing terrorists the congressional Democrats are obsessed with hoaxes, witch hunts, and deranged partisan crusades.”  [He means Jihad]

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