Impeachment Burnout – Guilt by Allegation

There’s a coverup alright and it begins with the last administration.  Democrats have been ruining American culture for the last fifty years by giving credibility to criminals while smearing righteous people as evil.  Now they cry Republican coverup in the Senate after they covered up their impeachment trial in the House.  A clear example of this is Joe Biden running down rich white men as not caring about low-income women and minorities after he was called out for being one of the privileged rich white men.  Does he think he’s wearing blackface?  Democrats praise illegal aliens sneaking into the country giving them benefits at taxpayer expense while taking away the rights of citizens.  In impeachment, Democrats say proof and precedence are unimportant.  They say only their allegations and opinions are important.  This flies in the face of not only Constitutional law but is contrary to all righteousness.

[FOX has been great in exposing Democrat’s two-faced corruption playing back what they said during the Clinton impeachment and what they say now.  None of it is a case of things have changed or what’s good for goose or even what is right or wrong.  All of it is their simply being two-faced when it comes to justice.  If they commit crimes, they see themselves as justified and see what is justified when Republicans do what is right as a crime.  Is it ever right for the prosecution to deny the defense a right to call witnesses?  Yes – when the prosecutors are Nazis.]

The Framer’s worst nightmare is not President Trump making America great again but being falsely accused by Democrats of being a power monger for taking away their power.  It is people like Barack Hussein Obama who ruled by his pen and his phone, depressed the economy while funding America’s enemies with taxpayer dollars, and creating insurgent groups within the country like OfA, Antifa, BLM, and foreign terrorists like ISIS that are the greatest threat to American’s security.  Smart people vote for improving America.  Only stupid hateful people vote against righteousness on the basis of lies.

Obama added millions of people to food stamp rolls, while Trump has improved the economy so that many were lifted out of that dependent poverty.  What do Democrats say about that?  They say that Trump kicked them into the streets.  Bloomberg even has a commercial claiming that President Trump is trying to “eliminate medical insurance for 134 million people with pre-existing conditions.”  We know from what Trump has done and what Democrats have vowed to do that it is the exact opposite as in all things.  Democrats promise to do what Republicans are doing and slander Republicans as wanting to do what Democrats have done.  If you can’t see the two-faces of leftism you are flying blind without instruments.

Pelosi’s greatest accomplishment is impeaching America’s greatest president.  Like the Kavanaugh hearings, Democrats want to introduce hearsay witnesses whose opinions they want to use as proof.  Democrats want more witnesses called like Lev Parnas who has no direct knowledge of anything, but not if their own corrupt Democrats like Schiff and his whistleblower or the Bidens could be forced to testify.  They want a “fair trial” claiming that Biden and Schiff are not under investigation.  Yet they stand guilty of the very crimes of bribery and extortion of which they accuse Trump but failed to charge him in their articles of impeachment.

The Bidens are still material fact witnesses to crimes, i.e. their own in which they committed the very crimes of which they accuse Donald Trump.  That those crimes are irrelevant to their charges against Trump is of no importance.  Let them plead the fifth and stand condemned by their actions.  Lev Parnas is their latest stooge to present his lies and opinions as facts in place of Schiff’s whistleblower akin to Ford testifying as a little girl at the Kavanaugh hearing.    Democrats offer nothing but distractions produced by their melodramas.

Pelosi stupidly said that impeachment is not about proof but about the Democrat mantra that the seriousness of the allegations that have been made is all that is important.  Well, millions of Americans allege that Democrats are traitors to the people, the Constitution, and the law.  By their own measure they should all be hanged at once!  There is also still such a thing as precedence.  Obama committed the same offenses of which Trump is charged a dozen times over and he wasn’t impeached for them.  Therefore, you cannot hold a different standard for anyone else.  This is just typical two-faced leftism that you are condemned for being accused of the crimes leftists actually committed.

What angers Republicans the most is why doesn’t President Trump’s DoJ bring charges against them?  Democrats also say that Republicans should all recuse themselves because “they are too biased” as if Democrats are unbiased.  This is so absurd it should be a Saturday Night Live skit.  They declare that they should be the only ones to call witnesses who will only testify while claiming, “No one is above the law.”  They keep saying this, yet Biden and his son are held exempt from the law.  So, we are seeing exactly how communist Nazis perform “trials” by first declaring the accused to be guilty and then making a show trial in which the only “evidence” presented is the non-factual testimony of liars and haters.  It must be comforting to liberal idiots to know that their government always convicts, and that actual justice is for the stupid.

Liberal Nazis curse Vince Vaughn for being pleasant to President Trump calling for his destruction for his civility. This is the sickness of leftist liberal hate.  If I was in the same room with Barack Obama, the racist Moslem communist that seventy million idiots elected to be leader of the free world, would I shake his hand and politely disagree or shoot him and cut off his head?  If you can honestly answer what would Jesus do and what would Muhammad do, then you have your answer.

How do you open the eyes of closed-minded liberals who are so blind to justice?  How do you reconcile Washington swamp rats wanting to destroy a president because he is doing great thing for America?  Pelosi pushing an impeachment trial now is more due to her machinations to take Sanders and Warren out of the presidential campaign to clear the way for Biden in the opening primaries.  Except that Buttigieg and Bloomberg will also benefit.  Taking out the two far leftwingnut communists, one of whom can win enough stupid Millennials who believe communism is good, to become the nominee because Democrat leaders know a simple truth; that an openly communist Democrat going up against an amazingly successful, unrepentant capitalist would bring their entire party down in flames to crash and burn.  They need another Obama who can talk BS with eloquence so liberals can be happily duped again.

Leftist mantras

  • Leftism is love
  • Islam is peace
  • Socialism is fair
  • The Christian right are Nazis

The truth is:

  • Leftism is selfishness
  • Islam is slavery
  • Socialism kills
  • Leftism is Nazi communism

Leftist corruption runs deep in their souls.  They even endorse Islamic pedophilia because the Prophet Muhammad, their “Perfect Man,” had sex with his nine-year-old child bride.  This is how Democrats justify their actions by declaring them to be social justice.  When leftists put the words social and justice together with anything that neither makes them fair for all people or just.

For example, Democrats finally passed Trump’s trade deal with Canada and Mexico after making Midwest farmers suffer for more than a year thinking this will make them feel better about impeachment.  Do they believe farmers will now say Democrats are great?  How twisted and mentally retarded are these people?  Only the most ignorant dullards will vote for them.

I, too, am announcing my candidacy for President of the United States.  As a Christian capitalist who identifies as a black female lesbian supermodel that knows climate science and political ideology, I am the best candidate with the greatest appeal to the widest swath of Americans to succeed Donald Trump in 2024.  Any objection to my candidacy is only by people who are racist, sexist, homophobic, and bigoted.

Liberal games of identity politics and their delusional ideology has corrupted our nation long enough.  The leftwing media has proven beyond doubt that they believe their own lies and that they are without bias or sin.  The degree to which they have deluded themselves is reflected in the delusions of liberals who believe that Russian collusion and United States industry destroying the global climate are realities rather than fictions of their own psychoses.

Democrats use their focus groups to test the word “coverup” are now saying that the Senate not calling witnesses that the House refused to call is a coverup of the facts.  The only fact is that Democrats are trying to take away Americans rights and using massive voter fraud to take control in states like Virginia where the governor is trying to disarm the people.  The word coverup applies to everything Democrats are doing to distract the nation from their own crimes.  If President Trump doesn’t bring charges against Biden and his son for accepting bribes from and extorting Ukraine, as well as all the other conspirators involved in this coup attempt, then this nation is doomed to fall into the darkness of leftism.

The greatest coverup in this nation is how Democrats are importing illegal aliens and allowing them and felons to vote thus enabling them to overthrow citizens.  No one is permitted to exam the thousands of voter rolls and the people who cast ballots.  With Democrat controlled states and counties reporting 150% ballots for Democrats in a nation where typically 50% of the population casts votes, there is no excuse to allow this to continue.  They keep making light of it when the evidence is that Democrat voter fraud is massive.  Look at Virginia where they now have control of the state despite Virginians being against them

Fox & Friends montage 1-15-20 7am

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[Author’s Note: My liberal description of myself as a black female lesbian supermodel is just using the opposite description of myself as a white male woman lover to exemplify how stupidly liberal identity politics twists the truth to make people believe wrongly.  The fact is that it is easy to speak the same facts in a different way to say what is true but present it in a way that confuses the uninitiated.  This is how the most talented liars in the Democrat Party say they are for America while doing all they can to subvert it accusing Republicans of being what they themselves actually are, blaming others for the problems they create for themselves to be perpetual victims even as they are acting as the thug bullies.]

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4 Responses to Impeachment Burnout – Guilt by Allegation

  1. Bob Green says:

    Did you see this…it’s great: With all the hubbub over whether this whole Ukraine/impeachment thing’s a big scam, CNN’s Chuck Todd (on “Meet the Press yesterday) asked Sen. David Perdue (R-Ga) is he’d be comfortable defending Barack Obama if the circumstances were the same (a charge of obstructing Congress). Ready, set…go David:

    “In ‘Fast and Furious’, he [Obama] did exactly this! He withheld evidence from the House of Representatives, and the Republicans decided that it was NOT obstruction of Congress. The Democrats agreed, and we did not pursue it. Nancy Pelosi, Nadler, all said that that was not obstruction. And yet, in this case, when the President decides to use executive privilege, they now — all of a sudden — say, ‘Oh, no, that is obstruction of Congress.’ So, it’s a little bit hypocritical…” WHAT AN UNDERSTATEMENT!

    KA BOOM, Chucky!


  2. Roy says:

    If Democrat voters haven’t seen the light by now, they never will. If college kids haven’t seen the light by now, it proves that Leftist indoctrination is working better than anyone anticipated.


    • radman414 says:

      Sadly, you are correct, Roy. High school teachers and college professors are promoting generational ignorance based on their own leftist political indoctrination…what they learned to regurgitate themselves to get good grades from their own instructors. Way too many students these days are being taught WHAT to think rather than HOW to think critically!


  3. Walt Derryberry says:

    This is one of the best spot-on articles I have read is quite some time!! Keep up the great work.


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