Democrats NUKE Trump Impeachment

The 3rd time is the charm (or the 4th if you count Kavanaugh).  Mueller, Nadler, and now Schiff are dropping nuclear bombs to impeach President Trump, and the results have been the same again and again.  Pfft!  Democrats keep asking Acme to give Wile E. Coyote a bomb and bombs again and again.

[YouTube has put a moratorium on conservative news reports of the impeachment that instantly turned into a clown show.  Links to FOX News and other conservative outlets result in “bad links.”  Despite his office accidentally releasing the name of the whistleblower/leaker last week, Schiff denies he even knows his name.]

Despite his office accidentally releasing the name of the whistleblower/leaker last week, Schiff denies he even knows his name.  His star witnesses testified that they heard staffers say they heard about the phone call between Trump and Ukraine.  If this isn’t the most pitifully lame attempt to smear President Trump it should go down in history as a circus of absurdity by Democrat’s most insane leadership.

The Face of Democrat Impeachment Sanity

Republican John Radcliffe asked the “star witnesses” if either could name an impeachable offense from the phone call and their response was crickets.

Devin Nunes said to the star witnesses,

“I’d like to congratulate you for passing the Democrat’s Star Chamber auditions held in the last weeks in the basement of the Capital.  The Russia hoax has ended, and you’ve been cast in the low rent Ukranian sequel.”

Prepare yourselves for weeks of Democrat NUCLEAR BOMBS!

Democrats have historically worked with Russia against Republican presidents.  When they are in charge, they sell American uranium to Russia and make speeches there to be paid hundreds of millions of dollars as well as enlisting corrupt Ukranians to create a phony dossier that was used by Obama to spy on the Trump campaign.  Democrats vilifying Russia is like their vilifying rich people for whom they write tax loopholes for their rich donors by which they keep the wealth they stole from the poor.  While the Russians invaded Ukraine, Obama sent them medical supplies, food, and blankets.  Trump has been sending them weapons without anything given in return.   Democrats declare his asking them to investigate the corruption and bribery of American diplomats, and their extortion to not investigate (about which Biden bragged), to be a crime.

Democrats keep saying, “No one is above the law,” while they exempt Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama.

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[Democrats dropped a bomb alright.  Schiff left a big ol’ stinky turd in his chair.]

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