The Left’s most damning evidence against Trump is founded on lies

I know liberals who believe everything they are told by the leftist media, and when Trump calls them fake news, they say he is the one that lies.  They “know” he lies because the Democrat media tells them he lies and that everything on conservative media is fake.  So how do they reconcile saying Trump is lying about Democrat media being fake, because they know the media are the “journalists” who find the truth before they publish, but then say that FOX News is all fake?  This is especially true when FOX reveals the true stories behind the stories days before the left admits the truth.  Once again, liberals hoist themselves with their own petard with their two-faced interpretations of the facts.

The Access Hollywood tape, Charlottesville, and Russian collusion are their “proofs” that Trump is a sexist Neanderthal white supremacist Nazi Klansman traitorous thug. (pant, pant)  They say Donald Trump “has lowered the discourse” and made Washington crude.  Apparently, they believe their own vile, disgusting, subhuman curses and damnations, even on their so-called “comedy” shows, is socially acceptable.  These are the two-faced people who ridicule Trump’s 10-year-old son and smear his gorgeous daughter as an incestuous slut.  That’s how they “elevate” the discourse.  Do they ever listen to themselves when they talk?  It wasn’t Donald Trump who started using profanity in shrieking public screeds.

“But he’s the President and must uphold a higher standard of decorum.”  Really?  How about GFY!  President Bush 43 upheld those “high levels of decorum” by not responding to the multitude of slanders and slurs.  The result was the Democrat media utterly assassinated his character and reputation.  For the past fifty years, Democrats in the media always talk about Republican presidents being dunces, useful idiots, and corrupt criminals.  They speak of Democrat presidents as only being the most intelligent of geniuses and caring of people, veritable saints walking among us.  Reagan, Bush, and Trump they covered in mud while Carter, Clinton, and Obama they praised to the heavens.

Yet we know from their actions that Reagan, the Bush’s, and Trump all acted to make America better for the working people, fought crime and corruption, and brought down America’s enemies, while Carter, Clinton, and Obama brought America down with their globalist agenda.  Despite Obama speaking softly as if he were speaking reasonably, we watched him smear Christianity at every turn while advancing the cause of Islam.  Leftists shriek that he is a Christian.  Yet the pastor of the church he attended was a racist hater who declared that Jesus was a peaceful black man oppressed by rich white people who killed him, not that He was the Messiah of the Jews who was crucified and resurrected.

So, don’t tell me the President must lay down for your profanity laced slanders.  When the women on The View confronted Don Trump, Jr. on his declaration that no president has had to withstand the poison and bile as badly as what is said about his father, they had the gall to say their messiah, whose ass they licked for ten years, endured worse.  Ninety percent of the media is leftist.  Only in Democrat delusions did Obama endure vicious condemnation by the 10% of the media that exposed his radical, anti-American policies compared to Trump enduring the absolute hate and slanders of the other 90% 24/7/365 since his election.

Perhaps they should compare the records of the two?  Even in that, they fail when they say Trump’s economy is due to Obama’s policies.  If, by that, they mean that Trump couldn’t have been so wildly successful if Obama hadn’t choked the economy down so severely, then they would be right.  But they actually think Obama, whose “new normal” was America in decline, made the economy great after the Democrat Congress nuked it to get him elected by blaming Bush.  How two-faced, how blind, and how stupid are they to think we would agree with that?  The economy boomed the moment Trump was elected because all of America knew that Barack Hussein Obama’s Democrat boot was going to be lifted off their necks.  Do liberals even know that black and Hispanic unemployment is at all-time record lows?  Don’t count on it.  They are largely oblivious.

The Three Great Lies

Why is it that every time liberals debate conservatives on the facts they never let the conservative get out a full sentence before they start trying to shout him down?  It’s not because they don’t want people to hear the conservative is speaking lies.  If he was speaking lies, they would want him to be heard so they could then refute his lies with the truth.  In fact, it is conservatives who want people to hear everything that liberals have to say and then hear what they say and decide for themselves which is true.  The reason liberals don’t want conservatives to be heard is because they know they cannot refute the truth that the right speaks, and they will be exposed as the frauds they are.

Access Hollywood: This hot mike fraud was Democrat’s October Surprise meant to torpedo the Trump campaign.  Because he was caught saying, “Women will let you grab them by the pussy,” they damned him as a sex offender.  They key word in his statement is “let” which gives permission rendering their lie null and void.  That Trump sailed on to win is the proof of the truth.  Leftists always warp what conservatives say to mean what they want.  The result of their anti-man #MeToo campaign was to expose Hollywood lecher Weinstein and billionaire pedophile Epstein along with his friend Bill Clinton.  Liberals can’t help but do their best to ignore all of them and try to lay all blame at the feet of Trump who has never committed the offenses of their heroes.

Charlottesville: This conflict between Democrats who wanted to pull down statues of Confederate heroes to erase their slave past and Democrats who wanted to preserve their Southern Pride was depicted as a conflict between Democrat anti-slavery and Republican white supremacists.  They act as if all the good ol’ boy bigots what hate n*ggers became Republicans.  They have been smearing Republicans as being the people who instituted slavery in America, who created the KKK and Jim Crow laws rather than the people who fought against them and freed the slaves.  Only the most blazingly ignorant, uneducated liberal fools believe them.

(The South became Republican because during the Reagan era Republicans fled the Democrat controlled unions of the North.  Liberals don’t comprehend that there are Republicans and Democrats in both the North and the South.  After the smart people fled, Democrats were voted more power allowing them to steal most of people’s prosperity.  So now even Democrats are fleeing, and they stupidly come south to vote for Democrats which is why Virginia turned.)

What Trump spoke of at Charlottesville was when asked about the peaceful pro-Trump Republicans and anti-America Democrat protesters having “good people on both sides.”  The leftwing media then twisted that to claim he was talking about the neo-Nazi white supremacists who fought with the Black Lives Matter criminal advocates.  Only oblivious liberals don’t know that both of these groups were founded by Democrats and are part of the leftist mob that fights with one another within their party.  They are akin to the Nazis and Communists of WWII, both of which represent the democratic socialist leftwing tyrants who allied to destroy the capitalist republics of the right, then went at each other’s throats.

Democrats created the Klan, the neo-Nazis, BLM, and Antifa.  All of them are militant leftwing groups perpetrating frauds to destroy good people.  That they are conflicting within the Democrat Party is not unusual when you see that Democrats are two-faced in nature.  They misrepresent the truth and try to twist it to be what they want to slander the righteous.  Like “hands up, don’t shoot,” in which they lionized a dead criminal, and the Covington kids whose innocence they viciously slandered, everything they believe is backwards from the truth that all forensic evidence and videos prove beyond doubt.

Covington kids slandered by lying leftists ginning up hate

Justice for Michael Brown – the facts in black and white

It takes an average of a week before the truth of what liberal’s rush to use to slander the righteous comes to light.  What usually happens is the leftwing media promotes their lies for a week, while FOX News investigates and reveals the truth days before the leftwing media had to admit it.  This has been true in virtually every meme the left promotes.  Like their Russian collusion articles, in which they would admit in paragraph thirteen had no basis in fact, the left only tells the truth after they’ve been exposed promoting lies.  It’s just as Mark Twain said,

“A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”

“The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.” – Bertrand Russell

Russian Collusion: The utter collapse of the Mueller investigation is proof of Democrat’s frauds.  Their attempt to revive it as Ukrainian Extortion proves they will never stop lying.  Conservatives should never doubt that they stand against ignorance on the side of righteousness.  Just because liberals twist what we mean into something heinous does not make what we say to be wrong.  Both we and President Trump knew of whom he was speaking at Charlottesville and what he meant, that he was not speaking of the evil leftwing haters fighting each other as good people.  Only lying, leftwing media hacks try to remake his words into something dark as their evil hearts guide them to do.

America has watched as Democrat’s Russian collusion fraud exploded in their faces, and their collusion v2.0 will do the same.  The nets that Democrats have cast trying to snare Republicans is going to snare Democrats who account for 90% of the lies and corruption in Washington.  Unless President Trump actually brings these people to justice, it will only get worse as leftists dupe ignorant fools at elections.  The only question for conservatives is how to get more ignorant, oblivious liberals to open their minds and eyes to see the truth.  Helping people to overcome their prejudice is extremely difficult.  Those that will not let go of their prejudice are the bigots who can never be reached.  Prejudice, like ignorance, can be overcome, while bigotry, like stupidity, cannot.

Trump Impeachment mass media weapon of distraction

Liberal ignorance of who Democrats and Republicans have always been since the founding of this nation, and their oblivious nature to not pay attention to what their government actually does but only believe what their deceitful politicians say, is why they are the consistently the willing dupes of leftwing media propaganda.

Democracy Dies in Darkness II

President Trump vs. Schiff’s Star Chamber

[Author’s Note: The only surprise in these is that the leftwing media came out so quickly with the truth of the Covington kids.  FOX released the video showing the truth before CBS released their video of their interview with the lying Nathan Phillips.  But that didn’t stop hateful leftists threatening these kid’s lives or Bill Maher from declaring he wanted to punch that kid in the face.  These are the same idiots that say we cannot criticize liberal wacko fanatic Greta Thunberg because she’s a teenager.  The two-faced, self-righteous hypocrisy of the left is their defining characteristic which is why they have the hearts of bigots and the souls to lie about the righteous being the hateful bigots.

I know intelligent people who believe to this day the liberal lie that was exposed the day they said it when they claimed, “Sarah Palin is so stupid she thinks she can see Russia from her house.”  Deceitful people often choose their words very carefully to construct their lies as Nathan Phillips and Barack Obama always did that leftists try to claim was “purposeful deep thought.”  People who speak what they believe is the truth often speak without thinking because they are just relaying what they know.  But liberals are often speaking truths that are falsehoods they’ve been taught.  Knowing the truth and living the truth are two separate things.  Recognizing the truth requires learning the facts behind the statement.]

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