Liberal Climate Science is a Load of Gobbledygook

There is a saying amongst programmers.  You can have the greatest CPU in the world, the most intelligent supercomputer possible, with the best hard drive store of knowledge, but you need a properly programmed application to make it work.  If you put garbage in, you get garbage out.  Liberal climate “science” is based on computer models designed by leftist Democrats.  They then present their erroneous conclusions as if they are Gospel Truth.

Speaking in a manner like you know what you’re talking about is how charlatans convince the ignorant to buy their line of BS.  Conmen throughout history understand this well which is why they can sell people snake oil medicines, the Brooklyn Bridge, Ponzi schemes, Russian collusion, Republican racism, and man-made climate change.  On the basis of their junk science, liberals are saying President Trump will kill everyone.

Psychiatrist on Failing CNN: Trump May Be Responsible for Millions of More Deaths Than Hitler, Stalin, Mao

You would think these children would have learned a lesson from “The Lion King” about the Circle of Life.  Life operates in a cycle.  There are predators, prey, and food.  If there are too many predators, then there is less prey and the predators die off.  If there are too few predators, then there is less food and the herds die off.  If there is too little food, then the population reduces until they all fall into balance.  The same is true of carbon in the atmosphere.  If there’s too much CO2, then more plants grow.

This planet is not so easily altered by mankind.  We have learned to grow enough food to feed billions of people.  Leftists have been decrying the growing population for a hundred years.  In the “Population Bomb” they prophesied that if the world population exceeded a billion people there would be massive famines.  They keep doing this over and over.  Do you know the definition of insanity?  Why would you believe prophets proven false again and again and again?

The only time in history that CO2 has been three times higher than it is now is when the world was in Ice Ages.  According to ice core records, these happen every ten to twenty thousand years and last eighty to a hundred thousand years.  High CO2 doesn’t cause the Ice Ages but is a byproduct of them because most of the northern hemisphere where most of the plants on the planet grow is under ice.  How this happens, scientists have no clue.  Putting your faith in science, especially liberal science, is for dupes.

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