Sanders’ Socialism for Criminals; Blexit the #Walkaway Movement

Bernie Sanders declared, “End the absurdity of the United States has more people in jail than anyplace on Earth.”  It is a simple fact of life that prosperity attracts the greedy.  Wealth attracts criminals.  And in a just society those people are caught and thrown in prison.  Those who would rather do what’s easy instead of what is right, who would take from those who make, and live as parasites and scavengers off of those who build, sow, grow, and reap their prosperity don’t deserve consideration.  Democrats lay a false premise of blame on those who work for a living to support those who won’t.  This is not a matter of how well a civilized society takes care of the least of us.  This is leftists forcing the good people to take care of the worst of us.

Democrats say voter ID laws would suppress the vote.  America is based on one vote per citizen.  Multiple votes, destroying ballots, and noncitizens voting are crimes that should be punished.  Rather than fight crime on any level, Democrats wallow in it, justify it, and work to normalize criminality because that is how they live.

Blexit – Black Exit from the Democrat Plantation; the #Walkaway Movement

Blacks have been promised a lot of things in America, but no one has delivered.  That’s because the people making the promises are Democrats – their former slave masters.  Their Jim Crowe law oppressors.  Their KKK terrorists.  Every city Democrats have run for generations has been driven into poverty.  Every state they run is reduced to penury.  Look at California.  Look at Michigan.

Democrats have not been teaching blacks to live the American dream.  They have been teaching them to be thieves.  Welfare is not a goal to which to aspire.  Being a drug dealer or a pimp is not a goal to which to aspire.  Stop glorifying criminals.  Why do blacks make up 10 times more of the prison population than they should?  Why do they not care that blacks are murdering each other in their cities?

Because Democrats are encouraging them to be criminals.  They encourage them to kill their babies.  They encourage them to demand everything for free.  They encourage them not to go to school, but to demand a free ride.  When blacks were freed from slavery, they all became Republicans.  Democrats wouldn’t let them vote.  Democrats seduced them back with promises of free stuff in the New Deal.  Democrats pandered to them with Civil Rights to make them welfare voter slaves.

Now their family unit is virtually nonexistent.  Blacks are not turning back to the Republican Party because Democrats have so poisoned their minds against them that they cannot see what is right.  Is black America responsible for becoming America’s #1 uneducated criminals?  Or are Democrats responsible for driving them into that life?  It doesn’t matter.  Either way they blame Republicans.  Blacks choosing to be victims make themselves Democrat slaves of their own minds.  Only the educated among them like Dr. Ben Carson and Candace Owens try to instruct them in following a different path.

Who got to Scaramucci?

A clear sign of how Democrats corrupt is found in billionaire Anthony Scaramucci who was one of Trump’s greatest advocates, but now refers to Trump as a racist bully and Republicans as cultists.  Obviously somehow has got him by the scrotum and neutered him to turn him away from endorsing Americanism to making the most insane Democrat accusations possible.  This is the price of fighting the left who will use anything against anyone to warp or corrupt them against what is right.

Liberals continue trying to portray Trump as confused and flip-flopping when he is intelligently considering all options and weighing them against righteous morality.  Obama lied when he said he was against gay marriage to dupe people into electing him and then endorsed it.  They called that “evolving” rather than flip-flopping on his position.  Leftists always make excuses for their own lies, try to portray themselves as better than they are, while at the same time twisting what the righteous say and do in their efforts to smear them with their slanders.  Donald Trump stands righteously and courageously in the face of the Democrat’s onslaught and he has emerged victorious every time.

“Trump flip flops, Obama ‘evolves’”

Democrats are the bigots they smear Republicans as being

Sanders’ Green New Deal “will pay for itself” – so did ObamaCare

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