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Liberal Climate Science is a Load of Gobbledygook

There is a saying amongst programmers.  You can have the greatest CPU in the world, the most intelligent supercomputer possible, with the best hard drive store of knowledge, but you need a properly programmed application to make it work.  If … Continue reading

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Democrats Fight the Noble Cause of Saving the Planet

America can thank the nobility of Democrats for taking up the mantle of fighting to save the planet from rich white man’s racist industries!  Can there be any more godly cause than this?  AOC, quickly becoming the leader of the … Continue reading

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Liberal science is a fiction of their primitive imaginations

Ignorance is bliss, but only to a liberal for whom it is the foundation of their ideology.  A little knowledge for a liberal is a dangerous thing.  Liberals believe science must deny God and that those who believe in God … Continue reading

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