Comey Spits in Republican’s Faces

Democrats put Americans through hell for over two years, all at the cost of tens of millions of dollars over a phony dossier they commissioned from a foreign agent that they used to spy on the Trump campaign, and attempted to use to enact a coup to remove him from office.  The IG report comes out saying disgraced FBI Director Comey didn’t personally leak those documents to the press (because he gave them to a friend to do so) and he turns around and says he’s “owed an apology.”

Comey mocks Republicans who have been asking why liberals continue to trust the leftwing media that has lied to them for the last two years.  Except that everything Comey has been accused of doing wrong has been verified just like he verified all of Hillary’s crimes before declaring she shouldn’t be prosecuted.  If Comey & co. don’t go to prison, there is no justice in America.  If this FISA Coup attempt goes unpunished then Americans will be left exposed to leftist subterfuge that will eventually bring America down.

Arrogant Comey admitted to leaking classified information, yet he is not going to be prosecuted for it.  The guy who listed Hillary’s crimes then exonerated her on the basis he can’t prove “intent,” which is no measure for justice, is giddy as a schoolboy over skating past justice.  This is how the Deep State works.  This is the swamp through which President Trump is trying to navigate for Americans.  If he is unsuccessful, there is nothing to stop Democrat’s hostile overthrow of the Constitution.

Democrats spit in God’s face, promoting abortion, banning prayer, doing away with God in government, then have the gall to proclaim that God is on their side.  They spit in the face of justice and then have the arrogance to declare themselves righteous.  They spit in the face of citizens by sponsoring criminals, then proclaim they are for law and order.  They spit on the righteous as they import Latino-atheist socialists and anti-Christian Islamo-nazis saying they believe in doing what’s right.  They spit on taxpayers as they promise to steal their hard-earned money to give to deadbeats in the name of fairness.  We all know life isn’t fair and that evil often triumphs over good through deception and corruption.  That’s why we must have faith in God that justice will be meted out in the end.

Democrats have successfully made California a third world socialist country.  Their voter fraud trial was hugely successful in ridding them of patriotic Republican representatives.  If that technique is allowed in swing states, then America will be lost.  If this coup attempt goes unpunished, if illegal immigration continues unabated, if Democrats are allowed to continue to perpetrate their voter fraud to regain power, then Donald Trump’s great presidency won’t be an American Revival, but the Last Gasp of the Republic.

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