Propaganda Over Census and Epstein

Democrats are setting themselves up for another plunge off the cliff ala Wile E. Coyote.  They are all screaming emphatically that Jeffrey Epstein is directly linked to Trump instead of Bill Clinton.  Once again, they prove that they will not tell the truth but would rather invent a Big Lie.  This is just like the battle over the citizenship question on the Census that Obama deleted in 2010 by Executive Order after it was constitutionally used for 140 years.  Rather than fight, Republicans just laid down for him, but Democrats go to war on Trump for wanting to reinstate it.  These two incidents are proof that Democrats don’t care about the crimes they commit, the lies they tell, or the wellbeing of American citizens.  Republicans of the swamp would rather be lap dogs than fight for what’s right.  They only care about how much power they can dupe people into giving them and how much wealth they can steal.  That is why Donald J. Trump was elected president and why he will go down in history as a great America leader in good company with Washington, Lincoln, and Reagan.

The Drive-Bys Don’t Care About Epstein’s Crimes, They Just Want to Get Trump

Rush Limbaugh lays out Democrat lies about immigration and voting

President Trump’s impromptu press conference laying out the truth

It is unfortunate that many Republicans like former Speaker Paul Ryan refused to stand up for the people as they promised and work with President Trump.  The worst of them was McCain who deliberately and treacherously voted to keep ObamaCare.  Acosta and others in the Trump administration have fallen due to Democrat attacks because they lack the strength, fortitude, and courage of Donald Trump to stand in the fire.  Democrats have been slandering the president 24/7/365 since he came down the escalator in Trump Tower.  Yet he has always emerged from the flames unscathed and thrown ice water in their faces to bring them back to reality.

There is a vast difference between Barack Obama’s presidency working to undo America and Donald Trump’s presidency working to undo Obamaism.  During Obama’s terms, Republicans would campaign on standing against him, but then every time they had the opportunity to stop him from his illegal actions they would roll over and play dead promising to stop him next time.  It is into this swamp of wimpy Republicans being dominated by Democrat bullies that Donald Trump stepped into the fray and laid waste to all of them.

Donald Trump is not only a business genius.  He is a man of his word proving to be a great fighter and patriot for this nation comparable to Washington, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Ronaldus Magnus.  He uses Democrat’s own tactics against them forcing them to expose themselves as the anti-America party.  This war will never end and the safety of America as the land of liberty remains in extreme jeopardy.  The GOP refused to stop Obama as he committed a multitude of crimes against the nation including shutting down off-shore oil drilling, coal mining, allowing non-citizens to receive citizen benefits, and forcing Americans to pay for them through his ObamaCare taxes as the liberal media lauded him.  Trump faces the opposite in all things including damnation by the leftwing media.  The lunacy of leftism is exhibited in the attacks by AOC on Speaker Pelosi as being a racist for trying to tell Chiquita Khrushchev to shut her stupid mouth.

Democrats have always been the party of criminals and tyrants with a propaganda media, activist judges overruling Constitutional law, and militant agitators attacking patriots in the streets.  President Trump’s struggle against the morass of Washington Swamp Rat’s corruption can still be stopped unless Americans who love this country get out to vote in 2020 to overcome massive Democrat voter fraud.  Even in the socialist state of California there are Americans who are watching Democrats bring their state down into third world country status that don’t want what Democrats are selling.  Democrats will only be defeated if their cheating operations are dismantled and only citizens are allowed to cast their one legal vote.

AOC tries to grill ICE Director and he wrecks her

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Leftists Scrub Internet and Wikipedia of Epstein-Clinton Images-References

Democrats are not just Anti-Trump, they’re anti-America

California violates election laws in every way they can

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1 Response to Propaganda Over Census and Epstein

  1. gbat2017 says:

    We knew it was bad but only since we elected president Trump did we find out just how depraved the Democrat party is, how anti-American it is and how crooked the media and judges are.
    The Democrat party is a cancer that is eating away our constitution, our morality, our freedom while inviting our enemies to assist in our destruction by invading our open borders.

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