AOC’s Love to Hate America Squad

President Trump has forced Democrats to expose themselves as America’s largest hate group making AOC’s Goon Squad the Face of Hate for America.  Understanding Democrats and their hate America ideology is simple when you know where they came from and where they want to go.  The people who, at the Founding, forced America to retain slavery are now the people that want to destroy America for having had slaves.  Democrats want to unmake America and remake her as a socialist state, which is just another form of slavery.

Democrats have indoctrinated and duped millions of Americans into believing the lies of leftism from climate change is man made to Islam is peace to Christianity is evil to believing wealth is greed and socialism is Utopia.  But Democrats have not been able to completely corrupt this country.  Now that their subterfuge has been exposed revealing that their efforts have always been to impose communism on this nation, their only recourse is to re-populate it with outsiders.

The Anti-American Squad’s Vile Press Conference

If these people really love America to make it better as they say, then why does their every word condemn this nation and praise our enemies?  Why do they help people to break our laws rather than uphold them?  What does it take for people to see that those who support them are either America haters perpetrating a deception, or fools robotically believing whatever they are told?

NeverTrumper turncoats and the squeamish GOP believe the people could do better than the “oafish” Trump.  But the fact is that, unlike all other Republican politicians, he fights fire with fire and ferocity better than any Republican has since Reagan and better than all the Democrats combined!  What they perceive to be bumbling ineptitude and crude mannerisms are proving to be courageous determination combined with a unique understanding of human psychology and the will to stand up against those who are wrong.

Donald Trump is just the opposite of everything that Democrats and RINOs say he is.  He is not the wimpy Republican begging for Democrats to like him.  He is not the civil punching bag that the liberal media loves to beat on.  Other Republicans would have been falling all over themselves in Mea Culpas after all the false charges of racism, personal attacks, and hateful rhetoric by which Democrats falsely accused him.  Donald Trump is a warrior patriot, a political as well as a business genius, and a Godsend!  The only question for America is; will the people overthrow Democrat propaganda and voter fraud, or will America succumb after a last gasp for liberty?

Rush Limbaugh’s 7-16-19 entire show details Democrat hate


[Author’s Note: GOP congressmen/lawyers are dumbasses.  Democrats propose laws that are later used as loopholes to circumvent the law like their law to stop Mexicans from seeking “asylum” in America to dodge illegal immigration law.  This is now being used by Central Americans to do the same and being encouraged by Democrats.  It’s disgustingly stupid that Republicans fall for this or are in league with this!  Who, besides Trump, has done anything for America like he has done in unleashing the economy and protecting its citizens?

Trump has instituted all of the policies that conservatives have been voting for that Republicans have not been doing for twenty years!  The genius of Trump is exposing and hanging the lodestone of being anti-Christians whom Democrats call racists, anti-Americans saying this is a white supremacist nation, and all their negative leftism around their necks.  He is ingeniously uniting them with their open hatred for America as they pander to the worst of humanity with freebies paid for by taxpayers.]

President Trump rally – I dare you to find racism, hate, or ineptitude in this man

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