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Leftist Demonrat Propaganda is the Cause of All Terrorism

Climate terrorism, Jihadi terrorism, Antifa terrorism, Obama terrorism.  These are the causes of the mental instability in America that incites lunatics and hateful liberals to extreme violence.  Liberals are not interested in resolving these crimes.  They only seek to use … Continue reading

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Axis of Evil in America

The Axis of Evil in America is a triad like the Axes of Evil in the 20th century.  Except the Axis of Evil within America is not a group of foreign powers but an internal ideology that works against America … Continue reading

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Ted Koppel has massive brain fart with Hannity proving Churchill theorem again

“If you are over thirty and a liberal you have no brain.” – Winston Churchill In his interview of Sean Hannity of which Ted Koppel only released a few seconds from an hour long examination of Hannity and conservatism.  Koppel’s … Continue reading

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