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No Bail Out for Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico asks for a bailout, as are California and other blue states, from their massive debts.  They all do this every time they suffer a disaster of some sort because they do not prepare for them, but squander their … Continue reading

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The Potomac Two-Step

“Too many chefs spoil the broth,” and too many politicians spout out half-truths to stir up sh*t unnecessarily.  Whether its socialized medicine, illegal aliens, or global warming, you can bet there is always somebody who will contest any action be … Continue reading

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Democrats creating crises and blame to evade issues

Democrats will use any excuse to blame Republicans for America’s woes.  They distract from solutions to the issues that plague the nation and demonize those who would repair the damage that Democrat policies have wrought.  LIVs are instructed not to listen to … Continue reading

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