WAR!  Democrat BLM terrorists murder three more police in Baton Rouge


BLM is now officially the terrorist arm of the Democrat Party having ambushed and killed at least three more police in Baton Rouge.  This was the site of where a black criminal was taken down and shot by police when he tried to pull a gun on them, and black lies matter activists videoed the event and then broadcast it as police murdering an unarmed black.

Six hundred thousand Americans died so that blacks could live free in America, and a century and a half later this is what they’re doing with their freedom.  BLM criminals, the terrorist arm of Obama’s Democrat Party, have struck again in Baton Rouge, LA, just days after America buried five police in Dallas killing three police officers in an ambush.  Obama’s surreptitious race war on white America is now an open war on police, white Americans, Christians, and Republicans.  He believes he’s bringing guns to a knife fight.  It’s time he learns how wrong he is.

Americans have been sitting ducks to Democrats waiting to unleash terrorism on the nation.  Socialists, Islamist jihadis, Mexican drug cartels, and the Black Panthers have been waging war on America while Americans remain stupefied by the media.  Liberals use social media propaganda to blame the victims and hold them enthralled with phony guilt trips to keep them quiescent.

Are Americans going to kneel obediently for the Left to draw their knives across our throats?  Or are we going to take back our country, crush the terrorists, and kick that lying Moslem out of the White House and into a cell in Gitmo where he belongs?  (Along with half of Congress (the Democrat half) and all of their allies on the Republican side!)  Obama spoke following these murders to declare that violent crimes have dropped during his presidency.  Psychotic liberal media all bow to their messiah, but the righteous are filled with wrath at the lies, the murders, and the leftwing atrocities being committed against the American people.

Three police murdered in ambush in Baton Rouge

Obama’s black lies matter when he declares violent crimes have dropped

Obama vows to destroy ‘terrorists who distort Islam,’ i.e. the TEA Party

[Author’s note: Previous mass shooting the Democrats always blamed the TEA Party and NRA when none of their members have ever been involved. Now another police shooting and the same people are saying don’t blame BLM and leftists who have done all the previous shootings until we know the facts. WE KNOW THE FACTS!  Obama thinks he can delude the righteous people with his lies?  He’s obviously still smoking crack!]

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