Sharia has no protection under the 1st Amendment


The 1st Amendment protects freedom of the press, free speech, and freedom of religion from government.  When it comes to anti-American speech you can say it all you want.  But when you start promoting the overthrow of the government that protection ends and you enter into the sedition.

Former Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is calling for all Moslems in America who believe in establishing Sharia law over the Constitution must be deported.  Obama says, “That’s not who we are,” and cites the 1st Amendment of the Constitution as protection for any religion and their practices in the United States.  Since when can any religion practice freely in America regardless of how barbaric it may be?

Satanism is not permitted to be freely practiced in America.  Infant sacrifice is considered murder and not allowed – (or perhaps it is legal since you can not only kill a baby in the womb, but kill the baby even when gestated long enough to live outside the womb, and Obama has even made it legal to kill a baby born alive from a botched abortion attempt.  But I digress.)

Pagans are not permitted to conduct human sacrifice.  Why should Moslems be permitted to conduct honor killings or female genital mutilation?  The 1st Amendment is meant to protect Christians from other Christians who think they are holier than thou.  It is meant to protect the people from the government.  It is not meant to protect traitors, seditionists, or insurgents who want to overthrow the Constitution and establish a dictatorship in any form whether it be secular or theocratic.


Islam and Sharia are not compatible with Christianity and the Constitution to the extent that one cannot live alongside the other in peace.  Sharia calls for the subjugation and enslavement of infidels to either submit to Islam or pay a tax to practice their religion.  It forbids the building of any place of worship other than mosques and declines punishment for the killing of Christians or the destruction of their holy sites.

Newt Gingrich is 1000% correct that Islam has no place in the free world.  Allowing those who would murder and enslave us to move into our homes and take our land is NOT who we are!  Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Sotero, Moslem, is NOT who we are, but he would make us into what he is – an Islamist dictator.

Want Sharia

These people are not Americans, but foreigners seeking to carve out their own country within our nation.  Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam are two black groups trying to do the same thing demanding five southern states be made their black kingdom.  Mexicans are doing the same out west demanding California be returned to Mexico (which may be a viable alternative to the left coast home of liberal Follywood stupidity.)

White people have fought for decades to integrate blacks and immigrant Hispanics into society and some have been successful.  But most do not want to be part of America, but want to steal away a piece of it.  This is how Islam has infiltrated other nations when they cannot overcome them militarily and start insurrections from within.  The Democrats who work with them are betraying the country and all Americans in favor of haters in order to establish themselves as the undisputed rulers of the land.

The 1st Amendment may protect your right to say you would like a tyrannical government to enslave the people, but it does not protect your right to take actions to do so.  Just as Communists, Nazis, and Fascists have no right to organize to overthrow the American government, neither do Islamists.  That is the difference between the Left that fights to enslave the people and the Right that fights for their liberty!

Obama’s Islamists condemns Gingrich calling for deportation of Islamists


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1 Response to Sharia has no protection under the 1st Amendment

  1. radman414 says:

    The following quote speaks for itself! It promotes insurrection (inciting the faithful to act on the Sharia mandate for jihad, with the goal being to overthrow our constitutional republic, and install a theocracy).

    The CAIR Founder Omar Ahmad has said: “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Qur’an, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America; and Islam is the only accepted religion on Earth.”

    Why do the leaders of this world seem to be totally blind to the reality that faithful-to-Sharia Muslims who immigrate to western nations will NOT assimilate into non-Muslim cultures? Pay attention: They CANNOT…and still be faithful-to-Sharia Muslims (i.e., followers of the Qur’an and Sharia law).

    This is the key concept that so many countries are naively ignoring today. (Europe may be starting to catch on.) The crux of the Islamic culture is totally anathema to our Constitution’s inherent focus on: 1) the separation of powers that are designed to RESTRICT government overreach; and, 2) emphasizing the supremacy of individual rights. (And, to some degree, these basic constitutional provisions are somewhat similar to those in all western democratic countries.)

    For this reason, and because there was a general “separation” of God’s and man’s laws (and the enforcement thereof) in all of the immigrant’s home countries, America was able to accept “refugees” from Ireland, Italy, Japan, China, and Viet Nam…and even Israelis living in Europe and Russia. Why? Because the 1st Amendment to our Constitution guaranteed them the free practice of their religion, so long as it did not violate OUR civil law! Essentially, immigrants could assimilate WITHOUT losing their cultural identity. However, Muslims can’t DO that…and still remain faithful to Allah and his “prophet!”

    In Muslim countries, the basis of all “civil” law IS religious law. They are one in the same! Violations of religious law are adjudicated in religious courts; and serious penalties are imposed for what we would deem minor infractions (or no infraction at all). Their cultural identity is embodied in Sharia, and their belief system dictates that Islamic law supersedes ALL civil laws. They are taught that no other beliefs are acceptable, that all other cultures are subservient, and that they are authorized to impose, thru coercion or force (Jihad), their culture and their religious tenets on ANYONE that is a non-believer (i.e., infidels like us). Hence, since Muslims can NEVER assimilate unless they totally renounce Islam and Sharia (an act for which they could be killed by their faithful brethren), we would be very, very foolish to ever let any of them immigrate to America.

    Dr. Sebastian Gorka’s characterization of Barack Obama as being “passionate in his petulance” could not be more “spot on;’ and it makes me nauseous that he (Obama) continues to be an apologist for the Islamic perpetrators of evil and terrorism, both abroad and domestically, that these jihadists readily admit to perpetrating in the name of Allah.

    Islam’s supremacist ideology, the belief that Sharia must govern society, is the main cause of terrorism in our world…and it HAS been sop since the seventh century. It may be summarily said that “orthodox” Islamic adherents are being “radicalized” and incited to violence in many Muslim mosques in the United States; and, the Obama Administration and other leftist-leaning progressives are aiding and abetting that process.

    To really get a solid understanding regarding the very grave threat to our nation that is being proposed by Hillary Clinton (her proposal to permit about 65,000 people from Muslim-conflict countries to immigrate here during her first term as POTUS, EVERYONE should be reading the articles published in the Counter Jihad Report and Atlas Shrugs. Our survival as a free country may well depend on educating a sufficient percentage of our populace! — End


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