Black Lives Matter – peaceful black advocacy or racist jihadi hate group

BLM Communism

Black Lies Matter – As far back as the 60s the Democrat agenda has been to violently remake America into their Communist dictatorship.  Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam began the war against capitalism to take down America on charges of racism.  The Democrat lie is a product of the Democrat Plantation.

Is BLM a peaceful protest advocating for young black men being murdered by racist police?  Or are they a racist hate group terrorizing the populace and murdering police?  As in all things, actions speak louder than words and truth is not always stranger than fiction.

BLM say they are protesting police killing blacks far more frequently, and with prejudice, than they kill whites or Hispanics.  Studies have proven this to be a lie.  BLM began after the killing of Michael Brown, a so-called “gentle giant” with the tale that he was innocently walking down the street dreaming of college when accosted by a white police officer.  He tried to run when the officer drew his gun and started shooting at him, but fell to his knees and held his hands up in surrender crying “Don’t shoot,” whereupon the officer shot him several times in the back.

Forensics prove the officer’s account to be the truth – that Brown, who had just robbed a convenience store, attacked him in a rage, pummeled him as he sat in his car, and attempted to take his gun.  When the gun went off he ran, but turned back when the officer got out of the car and cried halt, and charged him once again forcing the officer to shoot him dead.  Autopsy proved that all the bullet wounds he received written in the front, not the back.

Liberalism, reality, and the Jihad against America

Liberals deny reality.  BLM is a part of the Islamic Jihad against America.  When you point out that Obama is a racist Moslem who is deliberately dividing Americans, weakening America’s economy and military, while at the same time supporting and unleashing the Jihad on the world once again they laugh and call you crazy.  Of course liberals will deny the Sun shines if it would advance their agenda.

Liberal’s brains short circuit when you tell them the truth.  Observe Juan Williams on FOX News’ “The Five” and watch him when one of the conservatives speaks the truth.  He’s like a deer caught in headlights.  If he were an angry liberal he would become apoplectic.  Instead he follows the Alinskyite mindset and proceeds to mock reality and deny the truth and then present the pseudo-logic of dysfunctional liberal thinking as fact.

A simple comparison of leftist belief vs. the righteous tells the whole story:

  • In righteous ideology God love’s mankind and Satan is the Father of Lies
  • In leftist ideology God is the lying tyrant and Satan is the liberator.
  • Who would Jesus kill?  The answer is – no one.
  • Who would Muhammad kill?  The answer is – all who refuse to obey the laws of Islam.
  • Jesus said the greatest love is those who sacrifice their lives to save others will be lifted to Heaven where they will dwell in the presence of God.
  • Muhammad said the highest calling is Jihad and those who die killing infidels will be raised in Paradise where they will enjoy all the pleasures of feasting and carnal lust.

The proof that BLM is just a new face for the Black Panthers, the Nation of Islam, and the Islamic Jihad against America is on the Facebook wall of the Dallas shooter.  This American soldier turned terrorist and cop killer was the son of an American who believes in this nation, but who was corrupted by the lies of the Left.  And Obama and his regime seek to cover up the truth by denying it exists.

Liberals try to cover up BLM’s racism as they do jihadi’s Islamism:

Obama and Blitzer smear TEA Party, but pardon BLM as they do Islam

Terrence Williams EPIC RANT against BLM

Kirsten Powers spills her Kool-Aid over BLM

This is about right vs. wrong, truth vs. lies

  • Your heart tells you what is right.
  • Your mind tells you what is true.
  • One of them can be fooled.

The Left is dedicated to deceiving the ignorant.  Racist police murdering innocent young black men is wrong.  Young black criminals attacking police is wrong.  Only one of them is true.  Only one of them is proven by the evidence.  Yet millions are duped by the propaganda of the Left.

If Obama had a son he’d look like Dallas shooter Micah Johnson – Black lies matter

Examples of BLM’s racist hate crimes:

Black NFL player posts pic of cop’s throat being cut ISIS-style

BLM terrorist shoots up cop’s home

How the Left is destroying America and how they should be counter-attacked:

Liberal progressive policies have promoted the destruction of the black family

Col. Allen West discusses BLM and the New American Socialist Party

9 Steps to counter the Jihad

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4 Responses to Black Lives Matter – peaceful black advocacy or racist jihadi hate group

  1. radman414 says:

    In a 7/14/16, e-mail, David Horowitz at the Freedom Center succinctly explained some of the major contributors to the ever-widening racial divide in this country. At the top of the divider list is the “Only Black Lives Matter” haters, plus Barack Obama and the liberal sycophantic media that regularly act as apologists for their violent actions (e.g. rioting, burning, looting, the destruction of property, and even their disgusting rhetoric in support of the sorry, cowardly SOB who personally admitted that he wanted to kill white police officers in Dallas, TX. [The fact is that more and more people are being put off by Obama’s obnoxious and very disingenuous habit of turning every tragedy into a sermon about America’s supposed collective failings.]

    Mr. Horowitz flatly averred that, “Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a domestic terrorist organization.” In support of this assertion, he provides: “By definition a terrorist organization uses violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians to intimidate the government into going along with its political goals.” [That’s succinct…and accurate!]

    “BLM has been stoking the flames of anti-police violence for years now — even going as far as urging its supporters to attack men and women in blue! In fact, one BLM leader told a crowd of protesters this weekend, ‘If they [police] go about their burden of whatever they said you’re doing, you pull your pistol out and you f**king bust that… I don’t give a f**k whether you knock them over, whether you run up on them, whatever you do, you better f**king take action!’

    Other BLM supporters took to Twitter to celebrate the Dallas attack:

    ‘Our brothers in Dallas sniping pigs, Salute them.’
    ‘hopefully this boy in dallas is getting kill shots on these pigs’
    ‘If u a regular person in Dallas plz hop off the streets and let this person continue playing target practice on the pigs’

    Black Lives Matter fits the definition of ‘terrorist organization’ to a tee. But the truth is, this dangerous movement is only a symptom of the true problem. The true problem is the radical liberals who create policies that impoverish African Americans and forbid them full access to the American Dream. Barack Obama has used his bully pulpit in the White House to further this warped thinking, fanning the flames on a race war long in the making and ultimately inspiring Black Lives Matter and its violence against police.”

    These terroristic rants and “tweets” against the police constitute incitement to riot and murder; they are NOT protected speech under the First Amendment! (Notice the similarity with Muslim celebrations that have followed acts of radical Islamic terrorism in Boston, MA, San Bernardino, CA, London, England, Paris, France, Brussels, Belgium, et. al., and now Nice, France.) It is virtually impossible to even begin a discussion about improving race relations so long as the BLM leadership does not publicly disavow the thugs, cop haters and opportunistic anarchists that have co-opted their message…and disgusted everyone who believes that a civil discussion of “race” is necessary.

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  2. Hi I have concerns about BLM right now because of Soros. But you have managed to turn this into a terrorist regime.

    Malcom X was part of the brotherhood at one time, but he had a disagreement with the head of the brotherhood Elijah Muhammed, due to the laws he had bestowed on his Muslim Counterparts.

    I will also like to point out that my doubts are personal
    And I do not use Derogatory words to make a point. I will continue my research and reminder of the media and collective Hysteria.
    Thank you
    So we are not sure if FBI or Muslim brotherhood killed him.


    • dustyk103 says:

      We didn’t turn BLM into a terrorist regime any more than the Muslim Brotherhood turned Islam into a terrorist regime. The are what the are because they preach what they preach. Islam as taught by Muhammad is what is being practiced by the Islamic State. Assassinating police is what criminals do. It’s no different than 1930s Germany. They elected Nazis to be their leaders because the German people were themselves corrupt and bought into the lies they were told. The same is true of Democrats today along with some of the GOP. Dinesh D’Souza’s movie, “Hillary’s America,” did a superb job of putting history on display to try to teach people what they have gotten themselves into. What the Left says it is and what they are are opposites.

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      • Truly I feel my heart hearts I had sat on the BLM story for a while. Then The Isolation came in. I know its a black movement but when you Isolate you move nothing and not for our benefit. We are not good left alone we always had a leader. So let’s find one. Love and peace


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