Obama bows to Islam to disarm Americans, Cruz castrates him, liberals scream

Leftwing morality

Liberals are guzzling Kool-Aid of politically correct poison.  Democrats are playing lemmings/rats to Obama’s Pied Piper and America is dying.

The only thing Democrats care about is establishing one party rule in America.  Obama has imported a million Moslems and many millions from South America illegally and is intent on making them citizens and giving them taxpayer benefits.  Islamist jihadi fanatics are bringing more and more terrorism into the USA, and when Trump speaks the truth against this atrocity Obama condemns Trump’s response as “racist.”

Being in the country illegally or being a jihadi is not a race!

Political correctness has reached such epidemic proportions that the Republican leadership says they’ll stop Trump’s Muslim ban.  The FBI has revealed that Obama does not allow them to gather intel on Moslems plotting jihadi attacks as part of this political correctness of not profiling, which is a requirement for law enforcement to successfully prevent crime and terror attacks.  In the middle of all this are our children who are being taught Christianity and America are lies and socialism and Islam are truth!

Leftists have been teaching our kids in school that America was founded on a lie by rich white people who wanted to steal from the poor.  To them all minority groups are victims and now they associate them with Islam and the anti-Christ teachings of Muhammad.  Moslems were “persecuted” by Meccans who refused to submit to Allah and serve Muhammad and deserved being conquered to unite everyone under the ultimate socialist Utopia of Islam.  To the Left, America is the evil in the world, not the bastion of freedom.

Obama blames Orlando jihadi attack on NRA and Republicans

Ted Cruz lays waste to Obama’s Islamist appeal

This is why Trump needs Ted Cruz as Vice President or to recruit him as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court!

America has suffered a major terror attack every year under Obama

How radical leftists have poisoned the minds of two generations of Americans

Bush kept America safe.  There were many minor Islamist murders committed, but no major attacks succeeded under Bush after 9/11.  Under Obama not only have the minor attacks escalated, but the major attacks have succeeded in every year of his presidency.  Honor killings and lone jihadi crime/murder sprees go unreported by the media.

Obama’s anti-American rhetoric has led to an increase in crime in America, a rebellion against the law, and increased attacks on police who are being hamstrung when dealing with criminals.  His support of the Muslim Brotherhood has led not only to an increase in terrorism throughout the world, but rebellions against governments that kept fanatic fundamental Islamists in check.  His only response is always to blame Republicans, Christians, and patriotic Americans and promote transforming America into a one party socialist state.

Two Americas – Americanism or Socialism: Right vs. Left

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2 Responses to Obama bows to Islam to disarm Americans, Cruz castrates him, liberals scream

  1. EIleen says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Ted Cruz on the Supreme Court. I’d prefer that to VP, since he isn’t really aligned with Trump on most issues. As a Supreme Court justice, he doesn’t have to be – he just has to respect the Constitution and be willing to issue rulings that way.


  2. Eugene Reynolds says:

    When you have active shooter training Telling you to hide under your desk I think that’s wrong.
    It should be more active like shooting back.
    Share information without taking out words like Jihad Isis radical Islam.
    Don’t call people who report these things racist!!!!


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