Left blames British exit from EU on ‘fear, xenophobia, and racism’


Islamophobia is a real thing – in the delusional minds of liberals.  Mass shootings in Brussels and Paris, mass rapes in Germany and Sweden, riots in France, and an invasion by jihadis as “refugees” leaving their women and children in the war zone of Syria are not delusions.  It’s not a phobia when they’re really trying to kill you.

Britain, which has one of the lowest murder rates in the civilized world, has seen murders spike dramatically along with other violent crimes as Islamists have immigrated into the nation thanks to the European Union.  Just as they have been in America, Islamists have invaded every country in Europe, begun violent crime sprees, riots, and protests against the laws of the land demanding that they institute Sharia Law and submit to Islam!  They are not immigrating for a better life to live in peace.  They are invading to conquer and England’s idiot Prime Minister Cameron, just like Germany’s Merkel, has been fully Obama’s puppet in bowing to Islamists as they seek to take over England.  His resignation is welcomed.

The Refugee Jihad is the most nefarious Trojan Horse in history and Britain is right to take themselves out from under the control of foreign leftists who want to invite more foreigners into their homeland.  American Democrats are doing the same thing to America inviting in Moslem refugees and Mexicans who want to convert America into the vile lands they have fled.  British eyes are open and the former empire on which the sun never set has elected to save itself rather than go down under the leadership of the Left.  Hopefully, America will see the wisdom and overcome the Democrat propaganda and voter fraud machine to do the same.

Brexit Britain votes Trump over Hillary and Obama

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