Democrats and their GOP allies will be the death of America

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“Americans do not need ‘weapons of war’” is the new mantra of the Democrat Party.  The people who have made it possible for criminals to run rampant and terrorists to easily infiltrate America are doing it so that American patriots don’t have guns.

Obama keeps saying, “Nobody wants to take away your guns,” and then proceeds to try to take away your guns.  The liberal media says, “90% of Americans want ‘assault weapons’ removed from our streets.”  The thing is that any gun is an assault weapon, any gun is a military weapon, and the only difference is a matter of degree.  Americans are no longer allowed to own machine guns, but that makes no difference to people buying guns on the black market.

What Americans want is for Moslem terrorists to not be able to walk into a gun store and buy weapons legally that they can use to kill Americans.  That’s exactly what just happened in both San Bernardino and Orlando.  These people, who should’ve been on terror watch lists and denied access to weapons, were permitted to buy guns regardless of the danger that they posed.  On that basis alone they should not be permitted in the country and allowed to propagate.

Citizens are paying the price for the Democrat agenda to give more freedom to criminals like BLM, more power to foreigners, especially Moslems.  Islam has no place in the civilized world, but that doesn’t stop the liberal media from promoting their propaganda.  Right now it appears that Donald Trump is America’s only hope to restore her peace and sovereignty.  If he is not legitimate and does not overthrow the corruption that is rooted in Washington then America is already lost.

Obama promised to transform America, but he didn’t reveal that he is Islam’s greatest Trojan Horse.  The fact remains that, though Trump is not the only one who talks of restoring America, he is the only one who is successfully overcoming the left-wing propaganda machine speaking the truth.  The next few months will decide whether or not patriotic Americans will stop the Democrat agenda of leftist dominance or allow their corruption to overthrow our Constitution.  Like him or not, you can either put your hopes in Trump or you can do nothing, which is all evil needs to succeed.

Obama is a Moslem

Obama Islam

“The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam.” – Barack Hussein Obama, a.k.a. Barry Sotero

No Christian who has faith in Christ as the Savior would utter these words!  And any infidel who speaks of Muhammad’s teachings is considered slander.

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1 Response to Democrats and their GOP allies will be the death of America

  1. EIleen says:

    I agree with you about Donald Trump. Not my favorite by a long shot; however, he is strong enough in personality to overcome the built-in resistance to change in DC with a belief in the free market. For now, I am willing to overlook eminent domain, because in the bigger scheme of things, eminent domain is nothing.


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