Liberal’s two-faced Obamaisms exposed and explained with greatest good sense


A Moslem Democrat shoots up a gay nightclub and Obama blames Republicans and the NRA.  This makes as much sense as saying men can “identify” themselves as women and must be accepted as being female.

Omar Mateen who murdered 49 and grievously wounded 53 at a gay nightclub last week said on his social media that he was doing it in loyalty to ISIS as revenge for the U.S. bombing his country of Afghanistan.  Except Mateen was born and raised in the USA!  Afghanistan is the former homeland of his parents who love the Taliban, but moved to America.

Barack Hussein Obama says he was radicalized and developed his hatred of gays by American Christians and the NRA, not by his religion of Islam, not by his Islamist parents, and not by the teachings of Muhammad who commands gays be executed as vile deviants.  Mateen expressed anger over Afghanistan being bombed as “his country” when he was born America and voted for the man who is currently bombing it!  These are all prime examples of the complete and utter lack of logic that exists in the backwards thinking of dysfunctional liberal minds and the duplicity of B.O.

Rush explains how liberals refuse to accept terrorists who identify as Muslim

Obama is either an incompetent fool or nefarious deceiver

[Author’s note: This is the reason that Donald Trump, who speaks the truth to this leftwing insanity, has risen to become the representative of patriotic Americans.  Yet both Democrats and Republicans are standing against him.  What does this say about the degree of corruption in our country?  American “extremists” do not conduct mass shootings – only Islamic jihadi terrorism does!  Only a traitor to America would think a patriot is more dangerous than a jihadi terrorist.]

Shooter poll1

This poll is a horrifying example of how deeply rooted leftwing propaganda is in America that is so stupefying the general public.  Even 1 in 6 Republicans blames America rather than Islam for the mass murders of an avowed Islamic jihadi obeying the directives of Muhammad as set out in the Koran.

Leftwing morality

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