How to obtain Obama’s third term legally


Would Obama see Hillary lose to Trump and watch all his agenda unraveled?

As the Democrat nominee, Hillary’s only asset is being the first person who identifies as female to win a major party’s nomination.  As such she is considering enlisting another woman, Elizabeth Warren, as her running mate to double down on playing the woman card.  The galactically stupid Elizabeth Warren, who doesn’t know from where people got money to pay taxes, would be the perfect addition to Clinton’s ticket of corruption.

Hillary's deskFauxcahantas

In addition, she holds the distinction of being the only person ever nominated for the highest office in the land while under FBI investigation.  (What is it liberals always say?  It’s “the seriousness of the charge” that disqualifies her.)  Obama says she’s is more qualified than anyone, including any businessman who knows how to create a billion dollar empire, but probably not another Community Organizer.

Hillary security violator

Trump has been beset by attacks from both the Left and the GOP.  The latest dust up has been over his remarks against a judge who is pushing a case against Trump University.  While #NeverTrump advocates have censured him, the fact that the judge is prouder of his Mexican heritage than his American birth is a testament to Trump’s insights into the anti-American double-dealings of Democrats.

La Raza judge

When it becomes evident that Hillary is going to lose, as she inevitably will against the vibrant Donald Trump, Obama would be only too happy to indict and oust her to put himself on the ticket.  He can do this without violating the Constitution by putting Biden at the top of the ticket and himself as vice president.  Then, shortly after taking office, Biden would retire for medical reasons allow Obama to once again assume the mantle of king.  Tinfoil hat lunacy or a devious end run around the Constitution by the man who has done more to destroy it than any other?


Rasmussen poll reports

[Author’s note: What liberals call tinfoil hat conservative psychotic thinking is best examined in the “settled science” of global warming.  Liberals say that CO2 will make the Earth so warm that the polar ice caps will melt despite never being in direct sunlight.  They claim this will cause the oceans to rise and the coasts to flood.  At the same time this will cause the land to become deserts and rain forests to dry up because apparently evaporation will cease in the hotter atmosphere.  That’s liberal logic science for you – the ultimate oxymoron.]

Flooding oceans desert land

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8 Responses to How to obtain Obama’s third term legally

  1. LMinAppleton says:

    Section 1 of the 22nd Amendment states: No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of the President more than once.

    Because of the sequence of events should your theory actually be put into practice (elected twice, then elected as VP), I think a case could possibly be made if Obama wanted to try your proposal but it would take a clever Constitutional lawyer to accomplish it. (I know, you’re laughing–when has Obama or this Congress ever adhered to the Constitution?) But let’s pretend we actually had men of character occupying the Oval Office and the seats of Congress, wouldn’t the 22nd Amendment negate your theoretical plan?

    It’s an interesting intellectual exercise.

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    • dustyk103 says:

      Ah, but the legal loophole would be that it says they can only take two years BEFORE being elected twice. It says nothing about being vice president after and taking the reins when the president resigns. Or did I miss something else? And if he gets more than two years out of it what would anyone do? For how many years has he been violating the Constitution and even a threatened Convention of States has failed to materialize?

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      • LMinAppleton says:

        To your point being before, that’s why I mentioned the sequence of events. However, I remember that Gerald Ford was the only unelected president (having been appointed by Nixon). If he had been Nixon’s running mate in 1972, though, would he have been considered to have been elected to the office of President after Nixon’s resignation? If yes, then Obama would be ineligible to serve as president again. I suppose it depends upon the definition of “elected to the office of President.”

        How about this possibility: Hillary is elected and her VP resigns shortly thereafter. She then nominates Obama, who is confirmed by Congress. Then Hillary resigns. Obama becomes president but, by definition, he would not have been elected; ergo, he serves a third term.

        You know, maybe we shouldn’t be writing this. God forbid someone close to Obama reads these ideas and passes them along. If he serves a third term I might have to learn Russian and move there where people are probably freer than they are here these days.

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        • dustyk103 says:

          heehee! (freer in Russia.)

          I agree your scenario works, too. He may just force her into it and then knock her off so she’s not in his way. I don’t think we’re giving anybody ideas. After all, Obama is a “Constitutional scholar” and a lawyer. They think of these loopholes all the time. Hell, they come up with loopholes in the law so they can get around it whenever they want!

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    • JR says:

      It’s just his simple: The 22nd Amendment says you can only be elected twice. It says nothing about a limit on number of terms or length of time. You can become president as many times as you like, as long as you do it some other way than be elected. And the scenario outlined here is how that could happen.

      I think a more likely scenario is he blackmails Hillary into putting him on the ticket. He threatens to indict her if she doesn’t put him on the ticket and then step aside as soon as she is elected. She wouldn’t have to actually take office. He would promise a pardon if she plays a long. Indictment before he leaves office if she doesn’t.

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  2. Ralph Sinamon says:

    That’s a ludicrous scenario. No one can serve more than 10 years as a Prez. That would be if a VP took the the reins 2 years in and got re-elected twice. Obama cannot be VP because of the possibility of taking the reins before 2 years of the term has elapsed. This is a scenario of nightmares but highly unlikely. If Obama even tried such a stunt, I think the crazies that are fed up would crawl out of the woodwork. Obama would probably have discovered that straw that breaks the back of that camel he rode in on.

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    • JR says:

      You should re-read the 22nd Amendment. It says nothing about a limit on the length of time a person can serve as president. It only limits how many times a person can be elected president. Twice. Or, once if they have served more than 2 years of a term to which someone else was elected.

      It puts no limit on the length of time a person can BE president. Only the number of times they can be elected president.

      The scenario works. Except if Obama were on the ticket as VP, everybody would know what he’s up to, and it would kill any chance Hillary has of being elected (which is slim to none).

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  3. Dave says:

    Silly people. Obama could give a doo-doo about the constitution. He’s simply going to declare martial law and declare himself Dear Leader if tRump is elected. D

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