Liberals are clueless about assault rifles and background checks

ISIS is Obama's legacy

Obama’s legacy is the spread of Islam and the reviving of the Jihad

Much is being said of the shooter, that he was angry, psychotic, a sociopath.  But that is true of every last jihadi in the world.  They are all sociopaths looking for a license to commit murder and Islam gives that to them.  Mohammed tells them that not only should they go out and commit murder in the name of Allah, but that they will be rewarded for it in Paradise.

For those ignorant of the Koran and Hadith and the history of Mohammed, Islam is a religion of peace.  Those of us who have studied it understand it to be a death cult of brainwashed fanatics.  Although most sane people reject his teachings there is a large percentage of Moslems were Islamists, while most of the rest live in fear of them.

The teachings of Mohammed include stoning women for adultery, honor killing of daughters, death to apostates, oppression of infidels, and the executions of homosexuals.  All of this is happening today in the Middle East and Obama is bringing here to America as well as forcing our European allies to accept them and suffer the consequences.  While rich Islamic nations of the Middle East do nothing in their silent endorsement and support of the Jihad.

Muhammad the First Terrorist and his religion of self-imposed brainwashing

Americans must recognize that what creates terrorists is not anger and hatred of the United States, but the teachings of Islam.  Until people recognize that Obama is permitting this, that this jihadi sympathizer passed an FBI background check under Obama’s oversight, this will continue.  There is no excuse why any Moslem who sympathizes with any jihadi in any way should be permitted to buy weapons in America.

Shooter passed an FBI background check despite terrorist sympathies

This is why Islam has no place in the civilized world.  This is why Moslems should not be permitted to emigrate out of the Middle East and invade Western lands.  They should not be allowed to bring their religion of hate that they want to impose on others with them.  The only reason this is allowed because Democrats are trying to demonize the Right and disarm American citizens to make them subjects.

NY Daily news blames NRA for Orlando shooting

M-1 vs. AR-15

The difference between an AR-15 semi-automatic .223 caliber rifle and an M-1 automatic 5.56mm assault weapon is like the difference between a 6-cylinder Mustang and a Mustang Cobra.  They can be made to look the same, but one is far more powerful than the other.  Liberals would ban all weapons by which citizens can defend themselves against either criminals or a corrupt government.

What you need to know about the difference between assault weapons and rifles

Christians crushed the Inquisition, Moslems endorse the Jihad

[Author’s note: The leftwing fruitcake media are blaming the NRA, Republicans, conservatives, Christians, and the TEA Party for this shooting.  Such liberal whacko head-in-the-sand dysfunctional thinking, this leftist delusion, is why 49 Latino gays are dead.  Obama is calling him a “home grown” terrorist because he was born and raised in America as if he was radicalized by white Christians.  His father is an Afghan Taliban supporting America hater.  Why is he even in this country?  This is why nations have borders to keep people out who want to steal from us and kill us!  What’s more is the shooter’s wife knew he was planning this and said nothing proving that Moslems will not police themselves but support jihadis!  Now Democrats are calling for Muslims, gays, and Latinos to all hold hands and sing “Kumbaya” to show they stand united against evil while they immerse themselves in the evil that is Islam.]

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1 Response to Liberals are clueless about assault rifles and background checks

  1. You wrote “M-1 vs. AR-15”

    You need to correct that to read ‘M-4 vs. AR-15’ and ‘M-4 fully-automatic 5.56mm assault rifle’– based upon the photo you included.


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