Men in girl’s bathrooms is more proof Obama is Moslem

transgender bathrooms

In Islam men are permitted to take child brides.  In other cultures little girls can be promised as wives, but only in Islam can adult men have sex with them.  All other cultures consider it taboo to have sex with girls before their first moon.  Obama dictating that Americans must allow men in girl’s bathrooms is a part of his corruption of American culture while distracting from his true goal of bringing America down from within.

Muhammad was a pedophile.  After he led his army to conquer Mecca he took a beautiful girl child Aisha as his bride at the age of six and consummated their marriage when she was nine – a full three years before puberty.  Even his followers questioned this at the time because it was taboo even in Arab culture.  But Muhammad went to them the next day and told them, ‘Allah came to him in a vision and said it is permitted to him because he is the Prophet.’  (Claims by modern apologists try to say Muhammad waited until she was of age before consummating the marriage, but he was dead before she reached puberty.)

Moslems demand legalization of child brides by the West as part of their culture

Obama has made so many slips that he is Moslem, including referring to his Islamic faith which George Stephanopoulos immediately tried to cover up.  He has denigrated Christianity and white people at every opportunity in accordance with the teachings of his church.  His church, of which he was a member when he ran for president led by his mentor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, whom he classified a member of his family, is a church that worships Black Jesus.

Black Jesus is not the Christ of the Bible, but the Jesus of the Koran

Barack Obama has even going so far as to trying to inflict gay marriage in church and demanding churches pay for abortions.  His objectives to weaken America the American military and economy while assisting the Muslim Brotherhood in unleashing the Jihad on the world has succeeded despite Rush Limbaugh’s fervent prayer at the beginning of the Obama regime hoping he would fail.  If you haven’t figured out that Obama is a Moslem and the ultimate Islamic sleeper cell then you may be terminally blind to the light.

Obama’s Islamic heritage

“War doesn’t determine who’s right, only who’s left.” – Bertrand Russell

This double entendre illustrates that wars of conquest are always started by leftists wishing to enslave others.  Doing so, even for the purpose of making the lives of others better, is never right.  The movies about the enslavement or elimination of humanity by one nefarious totalitarian or another always depicts one leftist or another destroying others to make his perfect world by playing god.  America, like Rome, has always fought defensive wars (what St. Augustine called Just Wars) to stop others from attacking and conquering themselves or others.

Muhammad the First Terrorist and his religion of self-imposed brainwashing

How Obama, Hitler, and the Star Wars Emperor are the same

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