Londonistan’s new mayor threatens Trump and America

London's Moslem mayor

London just went down the fatal leftist path that America followed and elected a Moslem to be their leader.  Almost eight years ago America elected Barack Hussein Obama to be President of the United States and Leader of the Free World.  A man raised on Islam in Indonesia, Obama’s policies have made America extremely weak by broking down her economy and military.  At the same time he has support the Muslim Brotherhood in overthrowing governments in the Middle East and unleashing a renewed Jihad on the world.

Moslems have been invading Europe and raping, robbing, and murdering in their streets demanding they submit to Islam and their culture.  This invasion was enabled by Obama twisting the arms of America’s allies with threats and subterfuge.  Now, while Moslems are murdering British police in their own streets, enough foreigners have infiltrated to elect a Moslem to be Mayor of London.

As one of his first official acts, Mayor Sadiq Khan issued a warning to future president Donald Trump that he had better be accepting of Islam or America will suffer the consequences.  Throughout its fourteen century history Islamists have always inflicted their death cult on others through force.  Those who reject it are declared to be insulting Islam and subjected to oppression, war, and slavery.  This is not a racist remark – this is history that ignorant liberals refuse to learn.

Moslem mayor of London issues warning to America

Trump senior moment expressing approval of London electing Moslem mayor

Sadiq Khan rejects Trump unless he accepts Islam or suffer the consequences

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1 Response to Londonistan’s new mayor threatens Trump and America

  1. Virginia Wilson says:

    We need to make sure Trump is elected!! He is the only one that can save America and I’d love it if this low life London mayor rejected him. Proof that he is the one who is discriminatory. Not Trump. We’ll see how open and unbiased this new Muslim London mayor really is. He may just destroy all hope for Londoners who aren’t Muslim.


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