Rush on a roll – crushes Hillary’s campaign exposing her to the nation

Searching for Trump scandals

The leftwing media never exposes Democrat candidates, but always digs to China to manufacturer whatever hate they can against Republicans.

There is just no way to do justice to everything Rush said in exposing Bill and Hillary Clinton in just a couple of paragraphs.  The theory goes that if it looks like Hillary is going to blow the election that Obama will step in to oust her and put in a ringer – either Biden or himself.  But here’s the summation of Rush ripping the Clintons and their media lapdogs to shreds:

The liberal media continues to cover up all Democrat wrongdoing, especially of Bill and Hillary Clinton, while digging for dirt into the most distant past of any Republicans going back even to their childhoods.  Trump is breaking the media taboo of going after Democrats with guns blazing while GOP elites and the leftwing media freak out that he would have the gall to violate the sanctity of their lies.  When Hillary tries to slam Trump for not releasing his tax returns because ‘he’s too rich to care about creating good paying jobs for the little guys’ (when that’s all he’s done his whole business life), Rush unleashes a montage of Bill and Hillary bragging about their vast wealth – all gotten from Wall Street lobbyists and foreigners wanting to grease the palms of the people in power in Washington in order to get special favors, i.e. crony capitalism (socialism).

Best read the transcripts from Rush’s show:

Trump doing the job the media won’t do on Clinton’s tawdry past

Lib media freak out

Clintons say Trump brags about wealth after doing it themselves for years

Trump is a bully says Hillary – the most cheated on woman in America

Hillary was supposed to be coronated president by the drive-by media

Hillary’s $21 million speech scandal

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