American mercenaries – the corruption of America’s military

13Hours Benghazi movie

The movie “13 Hours” depicts the defense of American embassy personnel by courageous American soldiers.

Liberals condemn those America soldiers who retire from the military to take security jobs with private companies as “mercenaries.”  In their galactic ignorance they demonstrate that they not only don’t understand the term, but that they are the anti-patriots who spit on those who serve this great nation.

What is a MERCENARY?

A mercenary is a soldier who works for money for anybody.  He serves whoever pays him regardless of their affiliation to any nation, religion, or cause.  They will kill whomever they are told and attack whatever they are directed.  There is no honor or loyalty in a mercenary.

If they can kill and win a fight and get paid they will do so.  If it appears they are in a position where they will lose and are more likely to be killed they will desert.  Mercenaries do not make a stand for any reason and do not help others at their own expense.  They are guns for hire – men who live by the gun just as criminals and conquerors do.


Americans pay those who serve in the military who protect them (those who serve in the Armed Forces, law enforcement, and fire/rescue services) a pittance compared to what they pay those who entertain them (those who make music, movies, of play sports games).  The Left idolizes the indolent, immoral rich and deplores the dedicated, noble servants of this American nation.  The Constitution guarantees everyone the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and the military is there to protect those rights.

But criminals believe the police to be racist for stopping them from being free to commit crimes against others.  Democrats believe the military to be oppressive for stopping murdering conquerors from spreading their evil into other lands.  Then these same people talk of how much they want to make America great.  Great in what way?

In Benghazi, Libya on September 11th, 2012, the American embassy came under attack by jihadis that the Obama Regime had unleashed to overthrow Kaddaffi and rule the country.  Even the British embassy had closed, but Obama and Clinton kept America’s open.  Despite all the desperate pleas by the ambassador, Chris Stevens, for more security in the increasingly dangerous situation, it was denied.

The embassy was protected, not by a contingent of Marines as all embassies are, but by a staff of contracted former Navy SEALS.  Like anyone who has high skills and a low paying job, these men found it more lucrative to end their service in the underpaid U.S. military and take jobs with private companies that contracted with the U.S. government.  To liberals this makes them “mercenaries.”  (Guess what they say about athletes who leave their team to become free agents?)

These SEALS, contrary to the definition of the term mercenary, did not serve foreign governments, but their own.  And they did not run to save their own skins when overwhelming forces attacked their compound, but they stayed and defended the people in it to the death.  For liberals to call these heroic Americans “mercenaries” is the same as the most base, heinous, lowly scum of the earth calling God’s angels demonic.

And what would you call men who served with them as brothers-in-arms that sh*t on the service of these heroes?  Deluded, betrayers, buddy f*ckers?  America has become twisted and corrupted by the Left to scorn the righteous and embrace the wicked.  Soldiers, police, and firefighters depend on others to have their backs, when they don’t then they are less capable of doing their jobs.

Vietnam veterans condemned the government of LBJ – D for sending them to suppress a third world country that wanted to fight for their freedom.  But that doesn’t stop some of them today for continuing to support Democrats and denouncing the newest generation of heroes who serve this nation.  America’s military has not become corrupt.  Her citizens have.

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