The GOP is broken and Republicans don’t know where to turn

Republican mud-slinging

Between the GOP, the TEA Party, the moderates, and the disaffected Democrats, no one knows where to turn for a leader to bring America out of the Obama Depression.  Young liberals are being fooled, old conservatives are standing fast, and the rest of the nation is on edge as America teeters between falling to socialism to become another fallen empire, or restoring her to greatness.

Republicans are fractured between conservatism and moderates, while the Democrats remain united under liberalism.  The problem for Democrats is that what moderates are left are fleeing to the GOP.  Meanwhile, the moderate GOP leadership wants neither Donald Trump nor Ted Cruz to win because both would end the gravy train for both the GOP and their Democrat buddies.

Then there is the looming threat that, not only will either one of them disaffect Republicans who support the other, but that the GOP itself would nullify the choice of the people and put in one of their own choosing thereby alienating everyone.  Both Rubio and Kasich maintain they can win their “winner-take-all delegates” home states on March 15, but both are trailing Trump badly and can only act as spoilers to try to keep Trump from attaining the 50%+1 delegates needed to lock the nomination.  Should this happen, the GOP may commit political suicide by shunning the will of the people to install a Republicrat to compete with the Democrats.

Today’s political environment

America today is not the nation it was in 1980 when Reagan formed his coalition.  Today the nation’s majority of voters are no longer the responsible adults who love America.  In 1980 people voted against a second term of the disaster that was Jimmy Carter’s democratic socialism and the nation rose in prosperity for the next twenty years.  But leftists continued to infect our education system to twist the past in the empty minds of America’s youth that the problem with America isn’t the greedy poor who want more benefits for less work, but the greedy rich who want bigger companies with less tax burdens by a corrupt government.

In 2008, a nation of ill-educated people accepted the Democrat storyline of why America’s economy was crashing – that government giving tax breaks to the rich meant government programs were not paid for – and voted for Jimmy Carter’s second term.  Their nominee was an Indonesian bred, America hating Moslem named Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Sotero.  To make matters worse, even after four years of Obama’s economic policies to make America weaker, they voted to continue it into a third term in 2012.

Now the light bulb is finally starting to go off, but there are still millions of young fools who would vote for Bernie Sanders to not only continue Obama’s downward spiral, but to take America all the way down into socialist hell.  Sanders would inflict wartime taxes on a nation that doesn’t even recognize it is at war.  Only the galactically stupid would think that government seizing America’s wealth would make the nation’s economy stronger.

Bernie’s agenda would not only cause the American economy to collapse, but make America too weak to stem the tide of the Jihad, let alone stop the renewed expansion of the violent ideology of socialist communism around the world.  Rather he would increase the parasitic welfare state to make America a weak, failing economy controlled by the government.

Where we are headed

In 1980 after the primaries, conservative Reagan united with more moderate Bush senior despite the nastiness with which Bush conducted himself during the campaign against Reagan.  Today we have Ted Cruz, who is the true blue conservative, and Trump, who has been the more fickle and is now being the nasty one in the campaign mudslinging at Cruz, but he is winning.  This race has become a two man competition between the two candidates the GOP hates, but the people love.

To bring the party together the way Reagan did in 1980 would require Trump reaching out to the most popular second choice of America.  Both have strengths and weaknesses that would be offset by allying with the other.  The two of them together could crush the Democrats who only attract the most liberal voters.

Despite Trump’s past, he is now espousing conservative values;

  • Defend the Constitution.
  • Remove the Democrat boot from the throats of American businesses.
  • Stop government cronyism.
  • Stop wasting taxpayer money.
  • Lower taxes.
  • Allow Americans to go back to work.
  • Stop illegal immigration.
  • Stop Moslem immigration.
  • Stop the renewed advance of communism.
  • Stand with our allies and destroy the renewed Jihad.

The question here is, if Trump wins will he choose Cruz to unify the party the way McCain chose Palin, or will he go for a moderate in the establishment and alienate the Republican base once again?  And if Cruz can actually win over Trump, who would he pick as his running mate to unify the party as he pulls in conservatives but alienates those who believe the propaganda about conservatism?  Or, if there is no winner, who will the GOP establishment put on the ticket that would draw anyone who is not disgusted with the GOP and their Democrat-lite ideology?

When looked at from this perspective, Trump doesn’t seem like such a bad alternative.  Yes, he has flip-flopped often, but he’s used to dealing with both sides depending on who is in power.  That he has chosen the Republican side in this battle for America says more for him and what policies he would want when not having to cater to others in power.

Remember, Reagan started out as a Democrat, and even Romney, as devout a Christian as any, still came out to make a two-faced condemnation of Trump’s campaign.  For the “Mushy Middle” that switches back and forth between Republicans and Democrats (because they are the most ignorant, not the enlightened as the liberal media likes to call them, because if they understood what is going on in politics they would never vote for democrat socialists or RINOs), Trump is the flavor of the month.  But those of us who stand either with Republican capitalism or Democrat socialism know both his flaws as well as his virtues.

There is no perfect candidate, but who wants Democrats or their buddies the Republicrats to continue to rule?  Can you imagine the return of Jeb or Mitt in a brokered convention?  Republicans have already rejected those like them who claim they, and not Trump, can get the crossover votes may as well be running on the Democrat ticket.

Chris Wallace interviews Rush Limbaugh on the Republican campaign

[Author’s Note: One thing is certain, Trump did himself no favors in skipping CPAC and may have been signaling which way he will go.  In any case, if Trump wins and stands against the establishment he’ll have my vote.  If Ted wins and Trump goes against him then he’ll have my contempt.  If the establishment wins I will go third party.  If there is no third party then I will stay home because both parties will be running on the same policies.]

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10 Responses to The GOP is broken and Republicans don’t know where to turn

  1. Dusty, Dusty, Dusty…. You write a fine article with great insight into what’s happening in the country with the political upheaval and unrest. And then you end it with — “If the establishment wins I will go third party. If there is no third party then I will stay home because both parties will be running on the same policies”.????? “If you don’t play by my rules I’ll take my ball and go home.” ???? And what does that accomplish other than hand the country back to the enemy? Seriously…. How could you say that? I’m always blown away by people, especially otherwise smart people, who take that position. How is it anything but just plain FOOLISH? Are you totally forgetting about the Supreme Court? We have the Congress. A way less than perfect Republican in the White House still gives us what we need to undue much of the horrible legislation and executive orders of the Obama administration. A Bad Republican is still way better than a Good Democrat, if one of those even exist anymore.


    • dustyk103 says:

      That’s what I said when 6 million people stayed home rather than vote for Romney because he wasn’t as conservative as they wanted. I thought that was supremely foolish to hand Obama, the most unqualified, undeserving person ever to be elevated to high office, the opportunity to continue his deconstruction of America. But I guess he hadn’t done enough damage yet for enough people to be fed up with him. Likely they just didn’t have a clue what was going on.

      But now the people are speaking and they are choosing Trump and Cruz, the two people NOT a part of the Washington establishment. Yes, I agree, a bad Republican is better than the best Democrat. But not a Republican who basically is a Democrat. It has been an exercise in futility to support the Republican Party for the last six years as every time they have a chance to stop the Democrat agenda they have passed it by and made common cause with them.

      With that in mind I say why bother? I am getting completely discouraged and understanding of why 50% of the adult population doesn’t bother to vote. Believe me, I want to undo what Democrats have done, but I don’t see the Bushes, Kasichs, Christies or the like wanting to do any such thing. They just want their turn at the trough to gobble up the slops they take from the taxpayer.

      Where do we turn if they deny us our choice of candidate?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hey Dusty, “I Feel Your Pain” to quote old “Slick Willy.” 🙂 But here’s the way I see it – A Bad Republican IS better than a Good Democrat. You agree with that. I really don’t think there are any Moderate Republicans who are in reality basically Democrats as you suggest. And you have to know that the GOP Establishment are not ignorant of the FACT the “We The People” Are TRULY Mad As Hell” and are NOT going to stand still any longer for their Big Gov’t Bullshit. Sen. Cruz IS making Conservative Values very clear in the debates for everyone to hear. And the Donald is at least “Talking The Talk.” If in the worst case we somehow end up with an Establishment Republican in the White House, the GOP have to know that We will be coming to Washington by the millions if they don’t make the changes we have been demanding for 4 years now. If We (You) on the Right stay home this November and hand the White House back to the Left, America as we have known it is history. I for one would not want that on my conscience. I really don’t think you would either. Please use your pulpit to make sure we do all we can to Save America, Not surrender it.

        By the way, I don’t know if you are old enough to have been politically active when John Kasich was in Congress, but he and Newt Gingrich and Jack Kemp were the primary architects of the “Contract With America” during the midyear election of Clintons first term. Kasich was the one who balanced their budget the next 4 years after we gave the Republicans the Congress. And he has done the same for Ohio. So he is at least absolutely fiscally conservative, and I believe Pro Life as well. We could do a lot worse. I’m not a Kasich supporter, I’m just sayin.

        Actually my money and time have all gone to Ben Carson the last 2 years. Unfortunately….

        My first choice now is Cruz. But Oh boy would I like to see Trump go at it with Hillary and then shake Washington to it’s core.


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        • dustyk103 says:

          I’m right with you, Spence. Just getting frustrated and fearful the Republicrats will broker the convention against both Trump and Cruz and cause the party to sunder. I started out putting my money into Walker, who quit before this got started. Then Cruz. I know Kasich’s record, but that was him working for Newt who was the driving force behind balancing the budget. Once Republicans ousted him it was back to deficit spending. Kasich has been side-by-side with Boehner in the faux battle with Obama.

          I certainly do not want to see America fall to the Left. We’ll see what happens. I’m hoping if the GOP tries their shenanigans at the convention that Trump and Cruz join forces and close ranks to shut them down. Thanks for the pep talk.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Spence Gruendler says:

            Thanks for listening. I love your idea of Trump and Cruz closing ranks to shut down the Establishment. That would seal the deal for the nomination AND the General Election. That’s pretty exciting to think about. So what do we do to make THAT happen? 🙂


  2. bsl says:

    You say that one of Mr. Trump’s positions is to Defend the Constitution. From what I’ve seen of his track record and his campaign rhetoric, he doesn’t seem to be aware of the U.S. Constitution at all. At a minimum, he’s completely unaware of the restrictions on Congress and separation of powers.


    • dustyk103 says:

      You must have missed his vow to defend freedom of speech, religion, gun ownership, and the rest of the Bill of Rights.


  3. Sara says:

    “Yes, he has flip-flopped often, but he’s used to dealing with both sides depending on who is in power. That he has chosen the Republican side in this battle for America says more for him and what policies he would want when not having to cater to others in power.”
    That. That right there is why I’ll be voting for Trump. No, he isn’t perfect, and yes, he’s changed his mind about things. But he’s a business man, and I do understand what it’s like to have to support something you’d rather not, just so some PiP (Prick in Power) doesn’t shut down your business. Yes he’s a rich man, but remember, he owns a BUSINESS, which means he has employees, who he is responsible for their livelihoods, from the jobs he provides. So many people forget that.

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  4. Michael Thomas says:

    The problem you are pretending doesn’t exist is the death of the middle class as more of the capital is seized by the corporate welfare state. I am in my early 60’s and in the past 20 years I have seen the “benefits” of the free trade debacle personally. My stock portfolio hasn’t recovered from the profit guarantees given to Wall Street and the banking industry in the great bailout of the top 1% in the 2008-2009 crisis. As an engineer with 40 years of experience our family income has decreased by over 50% – my last good job was outsourced to India. Since 2009 I have held a series of lower paying jobs that are all that’s available due to the migration of jobs away from the US. I have been a conservative Republican who has voted in every election since I was 18. But the past 7 have exhausted my savings and my enthusiasm for the failing Republican Party. They don’t seem to care about skilled people like me who have been trashed by their policies. And before you spout off about “starting a company” the problem is that I don’t have the million or so dollars that it takes to get a startup going successfully. I’ve been there and the venture capital people took my company and my shirt.

    I’m tired, disillusioned with the political lies from people who don’t have a clue what those of us who used to be in the upper middle class are facing and am just ready to see the “upper class” and “political class” face the same “opportunities” for bankruptcy, going hungry and watching family members suffer because we can’t afford medical care due to the high deductibles and lack of real opportunities caused by the death of the American manufacturing economy.

    So for the first time in 43 years I’m considering who to vote for…. And I haven’t heard anything from anyone that gives me any kind of hope for our country’s future. Trump will continue to sell us to the Chinese and Hillary will try to surrender unconditionally before she takes office.

    And the blame for all this is on the Washington establishment who have only looked to make themselves wealthy on the backs of their constituents.


    • dustyk103 says:

      I absolutely agree that the leadership in Washington is selling us out. I do not agree that it is the Republican Party, but the Democrat Party that has been doing so with the assistance of RINO allies who rule the GOP. It has been Democrats who initiated the Wall Street welfare program that has sucked the wealth out of the country and the GOP moderates who go along to get a piece of the pie.

      Only conservatives will fight this and that is being led by Cruz along with Trump who is talking conservative (as all candidates do in campaigns). It remains to be seen if Trump will be a man of his word and fight for the people, or if he will join with the GOP. Right now it doesn’t look like either Cruz or Trump will play ball with them.

      But if the GOP can bring this to a brokered convention and give the nomination to Kasich they will reap the rage of the people for thwarting their choices. The Democrats offer nothing except continuing down this road to economic collapse. This is going to be the most explosive year in American politics since the Founding.

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