Clueless media libs STILL don’t know why we’re mad!

Mad as hell

Tom Brokaw says the Republican voters are only mad over their intractable, irrational hatred for Obama because he’s black, but hate Republicans because they are obstructing his agenda to bring Hope and Change.  This is nothing less than backwards liberal think psychosis.  Conservative anger is not blind rage – it is righteous wrath!

It’s not that liberals do not understand conservative hatred for the liberal agenda to unmake America and remake her as another failing socialist state ruled from on high.  It’s that they don’t care to admit the truth and instead create excuses like racist bigotry and their own dreams of bipartisanship in which both parties do what Democrats want.  Liberals see America’s wealth and say they deserve a piece of it without having to work for it the way those who built that wealth did.

Here are the three key elements of the Right’s anger toward Washington:

  • Democrat socialism sucking up America’s wealth with their astronomical deficits, crushing debt, climate fear-mongering, crony capitalism, and regulations against their opposition’s businesses and American energy, while promising their foolish supporters a life as parasites on taxpayers.
  • Electing Obama – the duplicitous, Indonesian bred Moslem who hates America – who believes that America is the evil in the world, that it must be cut down to size, and who has aided America’s enemies in the Middle East to unleash a renewed Jihad on the world while reducing America militarily and economically.
  • Most of all, Republican establishment’s betrayal of their voters who elected them to STOP the Democrat agenda, Speaker Boehner’s faux opposition to the Democrats, his allying with Obama against the conservative base of the Republican Party, and thwarting the will of the people.

Patriotic Americans do not hate Obama because of his black skin, but hate him because of his black heart.  They hate Obama’s deceitfulness, his contempt for America, his actions against patriots, and his assistance in unleashing the Muslim Brotherhood’s renewed Jihad on the world.  The TEA Party was not born of the KKK when a black man was running for president, but when Democrats signed a $1.5 trillion deficit and then blamed it on Republicans.  They then spent six years not passing a budget, but swindling taxpayers to lavish wealth on their Wall Street cronies with more trillions of our dollars.

Tom Brokaw couldn’t be more wrong – Rush Limbaugh

People like Brokaw are the reason I stopped listening to the lame-stream media years ago.  They blame people like me; white, male, Christian, working family men for the ills of America and the world.  MSNBC is the worst American hating, anti-Christian bigots that has no intelligent life within its studios.  What is wrong with America is not those who have worked and lived for the American Dream, but those greedy people who envy them their success.

Democrats say that the rich stole our wealth from us.  The fact is that it is the government that stole it.  What person wants to work harder to get richer if the government is going to take that money to give to their deadbeat voter slaves?  Everyone voting for Bernie Sander’s promises of “free stuff” are nothing more than thieves who want government to steal for them.

America needs leaders who will put a stop to the Washington gravy train, make them balance the budget, stop subsidizing their friends and regulating their competition, and repay the debt they have foisted on the American people.  Every leader we have sent to Washington to do so has been smeared mercilessly by the liberal media like Ted Cruz.  Trump is the first person to take the media’s smears and rub their noses in it and that is the kind of steadfast leadership America needs if we are going to restore this nation.

Trump is our best chance because he rules the media

The GOP is broken and Republicans are coming apart

The Great Obama Depression 2009 – present

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