Defeating Boehner is the key to 2016 Republican victory

obama-boehner-make a deal

Boehner seized his position as Speaker after grassroots voters put Republicans in control of the House.  He has consistently acted against the party base and now stands to be Obama’s left hand for the next two years putting the 2016 election in jeopardy.  Conservative Gohmert has issued a challenge to supplant him as Speaker of the House and stop the Obama agenda rather than roll over for him.

Republicans want a Speaker who will fight for them!

John Boehner (R-OH) is standing to be re-elected as Speaker of the House for another two years.  Boehner’s record as Speaker and in Congress has been an atrocity and betrayal of the Republican base that put Republicans in charge of Congress.  He has feigned contesting Obama’s liberal Democrat policies and consistently laid down, rolled over, and presented his backside for him.

Boehner bends over for Obama, birds of a feather…

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It was his actions at the GOP Convention to stifle conservative voices that caused four million to stay home and cost Gov. Romney the 2012 election.  And it is he who has teamed with Obama to pass an actual budget for the first time in six years funding Obama’s Wall Street friends.  At the same time he made a deal with Obama to waive Campaign Finance Reform to allow his own friends on Wall Street to donate enough corporate money to overwhelm TEA Party grassroots challengers.  This is a direct assault on the people, the voters who are trying to stop Washington’s out of control spending.

Obama, Boehner ally to destroy the TEA Party

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) has just as consistently fought against the Democrat agenda has put forth his name to take the place of Obama’s Speaker.  Call your congressman and tell him to boot Boehner and install Gohmert as Speaker.  Otherwise, 2016 will result in another establishment candidate who will only have a 50/50 chance of winning the presidency, and a 100% chance that Washington will continue to operate under liberal and moderate policies wasting tax dollars and spending America into oblivion.

What America needs is TEA Party unity

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