Reporters misrepresent Trump and Pope over border wall with Mexico



This is a life lesson that you should take to heart.  It is the reason that hearsay is not allowed in court.  When someone tells you someone else said something, unless you hear the direct quote from that person then take it with a grain of salt.  This is true in every news source as there is no such thing as an unbiased reporter and people lie for their own agenda.

Donald Trump has been talking about deporting illegal aliens and building a wall so they can’t sneak back into the U.S. for a long time.  Democrats say this is “un-American” and now they are trying to say the Pope says this is “un-Christian.”  America’s immigration system is not broken.  What is broken is Democrats who break the law by allowing those who are not invited into our home to enter and sponge off of us.

Stealing, no matter the cause, is immoral.  While a man can be forgiven for stealing bread for his hungry children when he can’t get a job, stealing from one person who earned their money to give to another is just theft.  Democrats condemn Republicans as being greedy, heartless businessmen shipping jobs overseas for cheap labor.  Yet here they are inviting that cheap labor to come to America to take jobs from Democrats!

What happened between the Pope and Trump is a lie perpetrated by reporters who are NEVER unbiased.  The Pope said someone who builds only walls and not bridges is not a Christian.  While it is unrighteous for the Pontiff to judge another exactly as Jesus instructed us not to, (when Jesus said, “Judge not lest you be judged,” He wasn’t referring to judging right and wrong, but to judging whether someone else is going to Heaven or not because you are not God) the fact is that Donald Trump does build bridges and has done so all his business life.

There is nothing wrong with building walls to protect oneself.  It is another to build walls to imprison others as all socialist countries do.  America has always been the nation to which people escape oppression, but Democrats are transforming America into a nation where the lower class are oppressed and blaming Republicans for what Democrat policies have wrought.

The two parties are giving opposite messages not because Republicans are mean, but because Democrats are corrupt.  They are fooling their followers into giving up their jobs to live on cheap welfare while giving cheap jobs to desperate foreigners.  It’s a scam that runs deeper than the global warming scam and is only designed to make it so that all of American’s wealth flows into Washington and their pockets.

This misrepresenting Trump and the Pope is standard operating procedure for the Left that misrepresents everything that is righteous and true.  Both men showed proper restraint in their words.  It is the people who are being deceived and this is a message that should be spread far and wide so that people understand that reporters lie!

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[Author’s Note: I have had many occasions in my life in which someone has told about another person before I met them and said they were either good or bad people, and I found just the opposite.  Everyone is biased and anyone that says a news source is unbiased is only fooling themselves.  You can’t rely on the opinion of others about other people about whom you know nothing because that person is not you.

It’s the same as the adage of always hear both sides of the story and then examine the facts objectively if you’re ever going to get to the truth.  And always keep in mind that communication is not only a two-way street, but a subjective experience, and it is as easy to misspeak as it is to mistake what someone says or means.  The Pope could have easily meant that it is not Christian to only build walls, and not to make the judgment about someone who builds walls not being a Christian.

(But as Rush says, this Pope has spoken out against some of the great institutions in America that have made the world a better place.  So why is he not questioning the faith of socialist despots who steal the prosperity of their nations, including the one sitting in the White House, instead of blaming capitalists who made their fortunes honestly?  Why isn’t he going after Democrats killing babies in the womb?  Why isn’t he condemning Islamic jihadis and criminals instead going after gun manufacturers and the good citizens of America?)

Words have meanings are easy to misconstrue, let alone see through a lie.  The tone and body language can say as much as your words, just as the context in which the words spoken are made.  So when you see a quote, don’t be too quick to judge, but learn all the facts before you do.]

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