GOP leaders are betraying the Republican base


GOP moderates are torpedoing conservatives and then demanding conservatives support them in the election.  Gov. Romney lost the presidency in 2012 because six million conservatives stayed home after Boehner took action against them in the Republican Convention.

Mississippi’s Republican primary run-off between the GOP Establishment candidate, Thad Cochran, and TEA Party conservative, Chris McDaniel, was decided in favor of the incumbent by a narrow margin.  McDaniel has refused to concede because the primary was decided, not by Republicans, but by Democrats turning out to choose a Republican who was not a conservative.  Both the GOP and the DNC called on blacks to vote for Cochran to stop the “racist” TEA Party candidate from gaining the seat being voted on in November and keep the Republican who believes in more government spending for the state.

Both the GOP and the DNC are declaring this a victory for their camp with the GOP claiming that their candidate has brought black Democrats into the Republican camp, and the DNC declaring that the evil TEA Party had been thwarted.  While liberal Democrats and moderate Republicans are declaring this a great success, conservatives are furious that, not only did a candidate win a primary against a candidate supported by a majority of Republicans, but that the GOP itself turned to Democrats to win.  This kind of manipulation goes beyond simply utilizing the campaign tools to achieve victory, but a betrayal of the will of the majority.

McDaniel has refused to concede the race and many are hoping he will run against both the Republican and Democrat candidate in November.  Stating the obvious, that Democrats will not vote Republican in the general election, McDaniel believes he can easily defeat Cochran in November.  The GOP, however, says that McDaniel would only split the Republican vote and permit the lone Democrat challenger to take the seat running away.

TEA Party conservatives who are extremely angry with the GOP are fed up with the establishment’s abuse and turning away from Republican principles.  Many believe that Republicans could have won majorities in both the House and Senate in 2010 if the establishment had supported all candidates on the Republican ticket.  Instead, the GOP would not support conservatives with campaign finances the people gave to the Republican Party and several key senate races were lost both in 2010 and 2012.  Conservatives, vexed at the continued massive deficit spending by Democrats who, after five years finally passed a legal budget with the approval of moderate Republicans in the House, declare that if the GOP is going to work with Democrats to the detriment of the nation then they are not deserving of gaining power to continue Democrat wasteful spending policies.  Rush Limbaugh says there is no way to teach the GOP leadership a lesson to make them change their ways, but will only incite them to be more abusive to the Republican base.

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