Republican majority bows to Democrat rule

Ryan in with Obama

The GOP’s betrayal of Republican voters is complete with their going all in to fund the Democrat agenda that they were elected to STOP!!!

In 2009, Obama signed the omnibus budget bill Bush refused to sign and gave a $1.5 trillion to his Democrat Wall Street friends by borrowing from foreign nations that our children will have to repay (for which he gladly blamed Bush).  The next year, when he shoved the debacle that is ObamaCare down American’s throats with the Democrat filibuster proof Supermajority, Republicans said, “Elect us and we will stop Obama and the Democrat agenda.”

So the people elected a Republican to the Ted Kennedy seat to break the filibuster, and then handed Republicans their greatest electoral victory in history in 2010 to give them control of the House.  Boehner took the helm and said, “We can’t do anything with just one part of Congress.”  As Boehner bowed out of fight after fight and joined with Obama by allowing him and the Democrat Senate to spend as they willed rather than accept the House budget, he cried that they need the Senate to stop the Democrats.

In 2012, Americans gave Republicans control of the Senate, two thirds of states governorships, and most state legislatures.  Now the Republicans, with the greatest congressional control they’ve had since the Civil War, have given up every advantage to Obama and the Democrats in order to avoid Obama shutting down the government and blaming them.  Their response to critics is that they need the presidency to change things and believe a government shutdown will cause the presidential election to fail.

What will cause Republicans to lose the presidency are not the actions that the GOP failed to take to stop the Democrat agenda that is laying waste to the American economy and national security.  It is the actions they are taking to water down the primaries with governors the people do not want to stop outsiders like Trump and Cruz from gaining primacy.  Without a majority, the GOP leaders believe they can screw Trump and Americans out of the candidate of our choice and stick it to us with one of theirs – then they can have their way initiating the same liberal policies as Democrats, only in their own favor.  The only way to screw them back would be for Cruz to give Trump his delegates and sign on as VP.

The GOP’s betrayal of Republican voters is complete with their going all in to fund the Democrat agenda that they were elected to STOP!!!  Instead, they are instituting policies wherein they can rule as Democrats-lite.

America under One Party rule as GOP gives all to Obama

First off, Congress has no power to shut down the government.  Only the president can do that, and when Obama and Clinton did it they blamed Republicans.  Only RINOs like Boehner accepted the blame rather than push it back in Obama’s face.  What RINOs want is to be in the catbird seat so that they can control the money and send it to their friends.

Americans are desperate for tax relief and relief from the two parties screwing over each other’s constituents.  Democrats keep blaming Republicans for the current state of the economy that Obama praises as a great accomplishment.  They blame Republicans for shipping jobs overseas for cheap labor, yet are importing cheap labor right into the country in the form of illegal aliens!

The fact is that most businesses support both parties for “protection insurance” like they would get from criminal organizations.  But those who support Democrats for the last century have gotten their government servants to give them tax breaks and subsidies, plus regulations against their competition.  Both liberals and moderates believe government should tax and spend as they wish, while conservatives are the only people who believe government needs to be reined in.

SCHUMER (D-NY):  “If you would have told me this year that we’d be standing here celebrating the passage of an omnibus bill with no poison pill riders at higher levels above sequester than even the president requested, I wouldn’t have believed it. But here we are.  This bill is a great victory for the principles Democrats stand for.”

How could the budget deal be worse if Democrats still ran Congress?

Republicans didn’t cave on the budget, they’re reaching out to new voters

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  1. The picture of these two looks like Dumb and Dumber. Obama is grinning ear to ear because he keeps getting his way even though the Republicans promised to stop his agenda once they had the majority of the House and Senate. We were lied to by the Rinos. It will not be forgotten come election time. Clean house!

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