The entire Republican presidential field

Republican debate stage

Trump stands far above all other Republicans mostly because of his fearless, steadfast determination against liberal media character assassination attempts.  The multi-billionaire speaks truth without apology and has liberals quaking in fear.

Do you think Mitt Romney is filthy rich?  Mitt Romney thinks Donald Trump is filthy rich!  The multi-billionaire businessman is leading the current field that includes nine governors, five senators, and three professionals.  If all you know of Democrats and Republicans you learned from Little Orphan Annie, you are shockingly ignorant of how filthy rich most Democrat politicians truly are.

Every one of these presidential hopefuls has already achieved great things, quite contrary to Obama whose only achievements were destroying political opponents to get himself elected.  Unless one counts how Obama has brought about America’s decline as an achievement, Obama’s only accomplishments have been to vilify, demonize, and shower contempt on the Republicans, especially the patriots of the TEA Party.  While Gov. Walker and Sen. Cruz have distinguished themselves as steadfast, fearless, and dedicated leaders to arrest the Left’s economic decline and regain America’s greatness, Trump has often found himself promoting Democrat ideas.

Hopefully, in his embracing the Republican Party, he has learned that Democrats work more toward enriching themselves in Washington, D.C. (which has become the richest city in the nation even over Silicon Valley) than they do toward making life better for the American people.  America’s decline has been brilliantly manipulated by Obama and the Democrats who continue to blame Republicans for all the economic destruction Democrats have orchestrated for the last eight years.  The nation needs a strong patriot with the will and determination to roll back the legislation and regulation Democrats have installed to bring America down, and Trump is the kind of autocrat who could undo Obama’s tyranny against all liberal Democrat and moderate Republican opposition in Congress.

One warning for Trump in the debates is to not spend time attacking other candidates, but if attacked, just blow them off as none of them has accomplished as much as he.  No one wants to see any candidate come out like Rick Perry did in 2012 and spend his time attacking fellow Republicans.  Dana Perino says candidates must try to figure how to “make a moment” that defines them.  If that moment is attacking other Republicans rather than Obama and the Democrats, then that candidate is going to crush his own campaign the way Perry did in 2012.

First Republican Primary debate on FOX

Trump may be just the leader America needs

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