Obama says Republicans make common cause with America hating Iranians

death to america

Obama p*sses on Republicans in utter contempt and likens their rejection of his treaty with Iran as being the same as Iranians who chant, “Death to America!”  Democrats cheer as Iran nukes up to make it so.

In a speech that Kirsten Powell described as “masterful,” Obama once again mocked and demonized Republicans.  A speech meant for the galactically stupid, equivalent to Hillary saying those who want to stop abortionists from selling dead baby body parts is the same as denying women healthcare, Obama says Republicans who are against the treaty with Iran are the same as Iranian hardliners who chant, “Death to America!”  Except that the people leading those chants are the Iranian government who say Obama’s deal enables them to build a nuclear bomb.

There is only one response for this low-life scum masquerading as President of the United States who delights in p*ssing on patriots and that is;

“Mr. President, GFY!”

There is nothing presidential about Obama’s snot-nosed mockery of Republicans and the TEA Party.  His vile, hate-filled, anti-American rhetoric is meant only for the lowliest of people in America who are America haters, traitors, not only to America, but to the human race.  They are ghouls, vampires, and zombies who are witlessly sucking the life out of America, the same witless fools who believe Republicans want dirty water and dirty air.

Liberals compare Reagan selling weapons to Iran with Obama’s deal.  Those who don’t know history are easily duped by this simple-minded comparison.  Reagan sold weapons to Iran because they were at war with our other enemy, Iraq, and all their weapons were U.S. built.  He didn’t do it for their benefit, but to enable our enemies to kill each other and keep Saddam Hussein from winning and becoming more powerful.

Barack Hussein Obama is a child who delights in spitting on others, and this childish talk is green vegetables for extremist Democrats (as opposed to red meat for Republicans).  That he was elected at all, let alone re-elected, is a testament to how deeply corrupt the American people has become and a black stain on the American flag and Constitution.  This country is more divided than it has ever been in its history, even during the Civil War, and her decline is the symptom that this cancer is killing the world’s greatest nation.  America needs leaders who will crush the life out of the Democrat Party’s agenda, squash the leftwing fascists, Nazis, and Communists who would deconstruct America and lead the nation back to prosperity and power in the world.

Obama spits in Republican’s eye

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