Democrat’s War on Truth and Republican’s failure to expose the lies


People rely on the media to report news of events and investigate to uncover the truth.  Few realize how much of the media has become immersed in propagating the propaganda of one political party.

The liberal media that is supposed to be the watchdog of the people is the culprit in the disinformation of America.  Where journalism is meant to inform the public, propaganda is meant to form public opinion.  This Yellow Journalism has been practiced by the liberal media since Woodrow Wilson and they have it down to a science.

Rush Limbaugh:

“What got me started on this was watching an old British TV show about a psychologist, a profiler working with the cops.  In one episode, he is explaining to the detectives what they’re up against: ‘We have a killer who believed in power, not truth. He believes that everything is relative, including the truth, and that power will overpower truth every time it’s employed.’  In other words, it is power that defines truth.  The truth does not define itself.  Facts do not define themselves.  Power molds truth and facts.”

This goes hand-in-hand with the leftist assertion that “History is written by the victors.”  The falsehood of this statement is laid bare by the collapse of the Soviet Union.  It didn’t matter how much Pravda said the Communist government was succeeding in making life better and the nation more powerful.  The truth was on the street in long lines for food and the eventual collapse, but those in government still prospered.

When the truth is exposed the Left immediately says it’s a lie, and because liberals won’t bother to check the facts they are easily duped.  Their minds are often closed because of their faith in false men who lead them.  Democrats are not leading America into a better future, but managing her decline, and this is the reason that conservatives do not want Republicans who want to work with Democrats.

Rush Limbaugh:

“I think this is a way to understand modern American media.  The truth is what they say it is.  They’ve got the power to define it, to implement it.  They have the power to destroy it.  Or at least they believe they do.”

That power has been on full display in the fictitious Republican war on women’s contraception, Ferguson’s “hands up, don’t shoot” farce, the fabricating of a “rape culture” on college campi, and the global warming fraud, all nonexistent events.  Tens of millions of people believe the lies they are told and therein lay the foundation of America’s decline.  Ignorance is not bliss – it is how Democrats swindle the gullible.

Schieffer laments decline in journalism because the truth is out

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3 Responses to Democrat’s War on Truth and Republican’s failure to expose the lies

  1. Rae Alan Yearnd Sr. says:

    I think that a productive step in trying to educate any voters that are listening would be to host a forum with representatives of the various candidates, or the candidates themselves to lay out the new lows that Obama has brought us to as a nation. I think that otherwise just as Obama and his supporters lied about the true state of the economy and the country in order to justify many administration failures, they will be sure to give any credit for a fast turnaround to Obama. This is something that the RNC should do if they could get their heads out of their ass.
    WE need a standard message of truth and it needs to be repeated by every candidate at every turn. How the problems are to be addressed will become the issue of the day, rather then a need for change in direction.


    • dustyk103 says:

      I think that’s an outstanding idea and it begins with Republicans not accepting the Democrat narrative from the liberal media. It is impossible to get out a message that Democrats are trashing the economy through crony greed when reporter’s first question to Republicans is, “What can they do about Republican greed?”


  2. You fail to remember that many GOP members today are actually democ-rats. About a year ago, I had a member of the MN State Senate tell me that democrats are purposely running on the GOP ticket to persuade votes for Obama and their anti-America agenda. So I wouldn’t necessary say they fail. They just didn’t care to.


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