Democrats will buy moon cheese to cure cancer and fix the economy

Obama economy

Despite the facts of the Obama economy, young people re-elected him president in 2012.  Now, with eight years of Democrat policies controlling the economy, mid-term races are still close.  Young people are not learning from their mistakes even when it stares them in the eye and continues to lie to their faces.

Obama’s economy is a perfect example of liberal economics at work.  Government and their friends get filthy rich through crony capitalism while the middle class shrinks and becomes poorer.  Democrats continue their mantra, “Republicans are for making the rich richer and the poor poorer,” all while duping their low-information voters to continue to support them.

“Real presidents try to fix problems.  Obama just tries to fix blame.” – Rush Limbaugh

Do you think you know how the economy crashed in 2008 and why it hasn’t recovered since then?  It is seriously doubtful.  Try to follow:

2006 Democrats gain control of Congress after the Democrat media spends four years telling people that the economy, which is going well even while paying for two wars and has 4.7% unemployment, is deep in recession and crashing.

2007 Democrats pass regulations on oil companies driving up the price of oil.  They institute other regulations that crater several elements of the economy, but the average person pays no attention to what happens in politics.  Republicans sounding the warning bells are called “alarmists” and frauds.

2008 Gasoline prices have doubled, and every penny it went up saw Democrats run to the microphones and say it is Bush’s fault because “he’s an oil man.”

July 2008, Bush releases strategic reserves and lifts the presidential ban on drilling that not only stops the climb of gasoline prices dead in its tracks, but they turn into a freefall.  Democrats scream bloody murder because all the investments they made to drive the price up are being lost!  Pelosi refuses to allow Congress to vote on lifting the congressional ban on drilling and goes on break on August causing the bleeding to stop.  Democrat investors lose billions, but that’s okay because Democrats have a plan.

Sept 2008, McCain leads Obama in the polls so Democrats have Fannie and Freddie, their pet mortgage banks that Republicans had been trying to neuter for years before they could do exactly what they did, which was crash the mortgage industry and the economy along with it.  Democrat banks lose billions, but that’s okay because Democrats have a plan.

Nov 2008, Obama is elected.  Pelosi withholds a $1.5 trillion budget from President Bush who refuses to sign for it and gives it to Obama to pass, but that doesn’t stop Obama from blaming that budget on Bush four years later.  The bill allows the Democrats massive deficit spending to pay back their oil investor friends and banker friends for their lost billions and then some through borrowing that they called; “stimulus, bailouts, and quantitative easing.”

Oct 2014, eight years of Democrat economic policies have left the middle class poorer, twice as many people on food stamps, welfare, disability, and unemployment.  They allow millions to cross the southern border illegally and help to herd them into the country, while their foreign policy has permitted Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood to set the Middle East on fire, and the Soviets and Red Chinese to reassert their power and invade neighboring countries on land and sea.  Then Obama goes on tv and says the economy is great.

Democrats deny all of these events and admit the economy is bad, but blame the current economy on the capitalism of Reaganomics making the rich richer and the poor poorer, and tax cuts making the government poorer and unable to help the people.  While Obama is saying the economy is great, but that people can’t feel it (because they’re stupid), Democrats are saying they will fix the economy (well which is it?), then say that Republicans will destroy civilization if they are elected.  If you still believe anything that Democrats say, you’re ripe to buy some moon cheese that will cure cancer, while your ears are filled with Alinskyite slurs saying this is “tin-foil hat paranoia” and laugh at your ignorance.

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