Republicans should learn from Obama on dealing with ‘gotcha’ questions

Making conservatives and liberals angry

When liberal media poses ‘gotcha’ questions to Republicans they base them on a lie.  When conservatives pose a ‘gotcha’ question to Democrats they base them on the truth.  The first defense of the pathological liar is to accuse those telling the truth of lying to distract the listener from the subject and fix their attention of the object in order to destroy it (just as they’re doing to Trump.)

When the liberal media poses questions to Republicans about any subject – take racism – they always qualify the question in terms that Republicans are racists like, “Will you stop racist policies in the Republican Party?”  Most fold up under the pressure of how to answer such a question.  It’s like the question; “Do you still beat your wife?”  Whether you answer yes or no, either way you are guilty of wife beating.

The difference is that liberal media always asked such questions of Republicans based on lies.  When it comes to Democrats they always sugarcoat the question to make the Democrat appear wonderful.  Then along comes a conservative who asks Obama a ‘gotcha’ question based on the truth and he attacks him because the first defense of the pathological liar is to accuse the person telling the truth of lying.

This is how Republicans should respond to liberal media who do it to them.  It all falls into the category of Alinsky tactics of the Left, how radicals can overthrow the righteous.  Republicans should learn from the Machiavellian tactics in The Prince of how to crush these radicals.

As Democrats rend the fabric of America apart they speak the opposite talking about how much they love America and want to make it great.  All the damage their policies are doing they blame on Republicans and rewrite history to make it appear so.  The capitalism and Christianity of Americanism is under attack by the radicals of the Left who have been changing the public discourse to label patriots as radicals.  Republicans had better learn how to counter these tactics and teach the young the truth because they learn nothing but lies from Democrats.

‘If you want to know what Democrats are doing just listen to what they accuse Republicans of doing.’ – Ann Coulter

Obama snaps fiercely when asked a ‘gotcha’ question based on the truth

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