Democrat’s latest gun grab – seniors are mentally unstable

Gun control

Obama continues in attempts at back door gun grabs to disarm citizens.  His latest is to declare seniors collecting Social Security as potentially mentally unstable and incompetent to own firearms.

Obama is making his latest bid to take guns away from citizens by targeting Social Security recipients.  Using the excuse that seniors are mentally unstable and more susceptible to mental disorders the Obama government says they should not be allowed to possess firearms.  Obviously this is based on the fact that seniors commit more mass shootings due to the deterioration of their mental faculties.

Obama’s Social Security gun grab

Following the shootings in a black church in South Carolina and Marine recruiting in Chattanooga, the Obama administration feels that they should make a greater effort to take guns from citizens.  By targeting old people they can get their ignorant young liberal voters on board for the Obama’s next step in his effort to disarm all American citizens.  Obama denies that the lone shooter in South Carolina was a lone racist and sent his pundits out to say all white people are racists and should not be allowed to bear arms against blacks who make up the largest criminal element in the country.

He also denies that the Chattanooga shooter was a Moslem waging Jihad in accordance with the teachings of Mohammad.  This is just the latest in a series of Democrat attempts to seize guns and make citizens into subjects so they can enact their destructive policies without fear of rebellion.  Their previous first attempts include using millions of borrowed taxpayer dollars buying up a billion bullets to clean out ammo supplies, and his attempts at squeezing gun retailers through choking banking regulations are failing.  Democrats have been striving since the Great Depression to disarm law-abiding citizens, while criminals continue to access guns easily and have no moral restraint from attacking senior citizens they perceive to be easy prey.

Grandmother shoots home invaders

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