MSNBC pushes Obama Agenda to demonize white people and take their guns

The Trayvon Martin affair is a fraud from start to finish.  It was never about race, though that is the story they created.  It was never about crime or about concealed weapon laws.  It has all been about how Obama and the Democrats can disarm the American people and impose a tyranny.

It has been said that you should believe half of what you read and none of what you hear.  Now it can be said that you can believe half of what you hear on FOX and none of what you hear on MSNBC.  The liberal media has done its best to manufacture, even by fraudulent editing and reporting of police recordings and pictures, to manufacture a racial incident where there wasn’t one.  Martin’s girlfriend admitted on Piers Morgan that he attacked Zimmerman because he thought he was a policeman who was a gay rapist.

Trayvon’s girlfriend says he was committing a felony hate crime

Blacks are using the trial’s verdict exonerating Zimmerman of a crime to commit more crimes than usual against whites.  They are claiming every sort of justification for their criminality that they can think of in their efforts to promote the Obama Agenda that white men are evil and black men are good, while proving the exact opposite.  Professor Anthea Butler even went so far as to say that God is a white racist with a gun and is stalking young black men.  “This American God ain’t my God,” she declared, adding that she believes Christians are the worst racists, accounting for why Islam is the fastest growing religion among young black men.

“God ain’t for us (blacks)”

On guest said that the defense used by Zimmerman’s lawyers was the same justification used to lynch blacks in the past.  This kind of delusional thinking flies in the face of the justice system.  No one said anything of the sort when O.J. Simpson walked after murdering his ex-wife and her boyfriend.

MSNBC guest says Zimmerman defense same justification as lynching blacks

Another MSNBC guest said the Stand Your Ground Law is “humiliating” to blacks.  Apparently he believes that citizens have no right to defend themselves against criminals.

MSNBC guest says ‘Stand your ground laws’ “humiliating to blacks”

Toure condemned O’Reilly as racist because he predicted that blacks would riot and this was profiling them as criminals.  Perhaps the riots and murders by blacks that have taken place are television fiction.

Toure blasts race riot predictions, calls O’Reilly lunatic

An MSNBC host says people believe blacks to be guilty until proven innocent.  Just because blacks are 100 times more likely to be criminals does not make them all criminals, so tell it to O.J.

MSNBC host says blacks guilty till proven innocent

NBC, MSNBC, and ABC all committed fraud when they edited video tapes and reported Zimmerman was uninjured, and made false reports to manufacture a racist event.  95% of blacks, Democrats, liberals, and Leftists all buy into this fiction.

Blacks believe Trayvon was racially profiled thanks to MSNBC fraud

Blacks are murdering blacks in unprecedented numbers.  More black teens were killed on the streets of Chicago in the last year than ever before.  Some were honor students marked for death by gangs or caught in crossfires.  NO ONE is complaining about that or that fact that 12% of the population are committing HALF of the murders in America.

11,000 blacks murdered last year

Zimmerman, his family, and jurors are in hiding and arming due to death threats by the black community.  Justice for Trayvon is a call for bloody vengeance.  Innocent people have been beaten and murdered by angry blacks.  And black leaders say white people are profiling them as criminals.

Zimmerman family in hiding from death threats

Zimmerman is suing NBC for their fraudulent reporting.  The Martin family is hoping to sue Zimmerman in civil court, but may stopped by the same laws that give citizens rights to protect themselves to also be safe from civil prosecution, the Left’s second weapon to destroy law-abiding citizens.  Still Obama and Holder want to charge Zimmerman with civil rights violations, but even the FBI’s extensive investigation has revealed zero racial violations by Zimmerman.

Zimmerman suing NBC

All of this has been another fiction fostered by the Obama Agenda to influence Americans to give up their guns.  Hitler did it by force, Obama seeks to do it through coercion.  Democrats have lived in fear of armed citizens for the past hundred years and have worked to disarm the people ever since they gained power and created the Federal Reserve.  The predictions of tyranny of which Obama tells young people not to listen are exactly how dictators have seized power of which the Founders warned.

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