The Message for America in black and white

Commencement speeches

How opposite could two commencement speeches possibly be?

It’s graduation season for millions of students eager to start living the American Dream.  At two universities, two opposite messages were delivered to graduates by two opposite personalities.  FLOTUS Michelle Obama treated Tuskegee graduates to the Obama brand of Americanism, while in Houston actor Matthew McConaughey told graduates exactly what they needed to hear.

At Tuskegee University, 1st Lady Michelle Obama told graduates that they are black and will be the victims of racism for the rest of their lives.

Michelle Obama goes on racist rant at Tuskegee commencement

Aflonzo Rachel responded to her victim speech with the words of Tuskegee University founder, Booker T. Washington’s warning, and his response is the perfect summation of the Obama’s liberal Democrat mentality:

Michelle’s “you are a victim” commencement speech ripped to sh*t

At Houston University, actor Matthew McConaughey delivered a speech that was the exact opposite of Obama’s, beginning with;

“Life’s not fair.  It never was, isn’t now, and won’t ever be.  Do not fall into the entitled trap of feeling like you’re a victim.  You are not.”

Matthew McConaughey gives students life’s lesson in encouragement

America is suffering from a malady that the leftwing Democrats have been perpetuating for a lifetime.  Rather than encouraging people to learn and work, they are telling them they are victims of greedy rich people.  In the process they are creating a class of greedy poor people who are so envious of the rich that they believe themselves entitled to steal from those who achieve the greatest success.  This class warfare has done more to make America a poorer nation in the last six years than all the Democrat policies of the previous century combined.

Morality in humanity

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