Hillary – How Democrats engage in fear-mongering and the artless lie


“Republicans want to take away your (insert favorite entitlement here)”

Hillary hits every liberal dog whistle talking point in her speech announcing her candidacy for president.  She and her fellow Democrats accuse a Republicans of engaging in fear mongering while themselves employing fear-mongering.  They tell their voters that Republicans will take away their food, their welfare, retirement, and healthcare, give tax breaks to the rich.  They say Republicans are only for the 1% and this economic malaise is the result of capitalism.  What do Democrats offer if you vote for them?

Hillary demonizes Republicans

Just like Obama, Hillary and other Democrats promise from one face to give the Sun, the Moon, and the stars to those who want to get freebies from the government.  From their other face they perpetrate fear- mongering that Republicans will take away earned benefits like Social Security and Medicare.  And tens of millions of un-educated, ignorant voters believe what they are told.

Yet, what Democrats say Republicans would take away, Democrats have already taken.  Democrats have been raiding Social Security since 1968 using taxpayer’s retirement funds in the general fund.  They give it to foreigners who entered the country illegally and paid nothing in FICA taxes.

They give welfare to deadbeats who would rather sit at home doing drugs than work toward improving their lives.  They take from Medicare into which seniors paid to provide ObamaCare for deadbeats who won’t work.  Plus they impose new taxes and regulations to force millions of people to lose their health insurance and be conscripted into government run ObamaCare.

Worst of all, while they speak of Republicans using Middle Class taxpayer dollars as “corporate welfare,” they give trillions of borrowed tax dollars to their cronies on Wall Street in the form of “Quantitative Easing” to “save jobs.”

“Americans who work for a living are being overwhelmed by those who vote for a living.”

The American taxpayer is fed up with the tax parasites of the Democrat Party.  Still, there are millions of obstinate Democrats who vote to have their money taken from them and doled out for socialist programs in the belief they are punishing the rich for becoming wealthy and improving the state of the poor.  They believe socialism, the newest name for totalitarian government wherein elites in government steal wealth away from the successful in the name of being “fair,” is righteous.  Yet all it achieves is making everyone less prosperous and more dependent on government’s beneficence, while the politicians themselves become the fat cats.

“A taxpayer voting Democrat is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.”

Democrats used the Colonel Sanders analogy to describe those who work for a living taking jobs from rich people as if doing so made them slaves to be sacrificed on the altar of greed.  The lesson being learned by foolish Democrats today is that minimum wage jobs, that are not meant to be careers, can become careers.  Democrats will steal from those who work harder and give some of their wealth to the voters who do not attempt to advance themselves through good work.

There are no Democrats who believe in the American Dream of working hard to get ahead and enjoying the fruits of their labors.  Their thinking is backwards in that they believe government is the source of prosperity rather than successful business practices, and that the Middle Class the source of economic growth rather than the result of it.  They say they want jobs and to live the American Dream, but they vote for those who tax away the wealth that would pay for those jobs.

Democrat’s constant two-faced actions of saying one thing while doing the opposite, demonizing Republicans, blaming them for the failure of Democrat policies while taking credit for Republican successes, misrepresenting the past, fear-mongering, and self-righteous hypocrisy have earned them the epithet – Demonrats!

More liberal’s backwards think from Democrat candidates

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