Leftists mentally, morally deficient: CNN anchor calls Dallas gunman ‘brave’

CNN anchor calls shooter brave

In a shining example of liberal’s lack of morality and dysfunctional thinking, CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield referred to the terrorist attack on Dallas police headquarters over the weekend as “courageous and brave.”

This is as twisted as the stewardess who referred to the 9/11 hijackers as “gentlemen” after it was reported they had murdered the pilots along with a passenger and another stewardess, as mentally disturbed as calling murderous Jihadis godly, and as asinine as believing the Muslim Brotherhood and Black Panthers are morally righteous.  This kind of sick, perverted, dysfunctional thinking is the basis of modern liberalism that has fostered the rise of criminals in American society and gives rights to foreigners over citizens.  It does not take courage to ambush someone any more than it would take courage to attack a small female or a child.

CNN anchor: Dallas gunman “courageous and brave”

Only those bereft of morality would refer to evil as good, which goes a long way to explaining why crime has become so rampant in the United States that citizens forced government to pass concealed weapons laws.  New York stands a superb example of the difference between Republican leadership and Democrat.  Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s policies caused radical drops in crime, while New York’s new Democrat Mayor De Blasio has initiated policies that have caused radical increases.

Liberals continue to express their support and approval of criminals murdering America’s police whenever they can, and are always quick to condemn the police for using lethal action to defend themselves.  American cannot survive as a civilized nation with people like this in the media or public service in government, schools, and universities.  These are the kinds of people who must not only be debated, but defeated and removed from positions in which they can make law or teach our children their wicked ways.

Morality in humanity

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2 Responses to Leftists mentally, morally deficient: CNN anchor calls Dallas gunman ‘brave’

  1. dustyk103 says:


    Dusty Koellhoffer • 2 hours ago
    What kind of galactically stupid ahole says such things? How about someone be courageous and brave enough to open fire on CNN? This is a prime example of a leftist who is mentally and morally deficient.

    Erin Burnett blames Pamela Gellar for inciting jihadi death threats
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    MJ Dusty Koellhoffer • an hour ago
    How about you look up the definitions of “courageous” and “brave”? Neither words are defined in such a way that they only apply to positive actions. Here’s a simple test to determine if a person can be accurately described as courageous or brave: did that person know that their actions would likely result in danger or pain? If so, then they are by definition courageous and brave. The words have nothing to do with morality.
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    Dusty Koellhoffer MJ • 24 minutes ago
    By your definition a man who must have the courage to rape a woman and cut her throat even though he knows she may be armed or police may shoot to kill him. It does not take courage to ambush someone. It is not brave to attempt or commit murder. That is one of the most galactically stupid things I have ever heard in my life. You are a blithering idiot with a complete lack of a moral compass or good sense.
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    MJ Dusty Koellhoffer • 16 minutes ago
    My definition? You must be confused… I don’t have my own definitions. I’m using dictionaries. Is the rapist/murderer knowingly risking danger or pain? If so, then they are by definition courageous and brave. They can also be shitty, stupid, and morally bankrupt – all of these words can apply to the same person or situation without contradiction. You assume the words courageous and brave should only describe moral or positive people or situations, but the definitions disagree with you. Again: the words courageous and brave have nothing to do with morality. Seriously, look up the definitions. You might be surprised.
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    Dusty Koellhoffer MJ • a minute ago
    I know the dictionary definitions, thank you. You can argue semantics till you’re blue in the face. The fact is no one ever associates courage with bushwackers, backstabbers, rapists, thieves, murderers, terrorists, or criminals of any sort. It may take a degree of guts to do what they do, but true courage is not in their nature. Criminals prey on the weak. Ambushing cops who are standing around yakking does not take actual courage. What you offer are oxymorons – the “brave rapist,” the “courageous backstabber.”
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  2. radman414 says:

    It is amazing that CNN would not put Ms. Whitfield on a leave of absence…call it sick leave if you must…for her inane characterization of a mentally-damaged individual in Dallas. Even though she has since apologized publicly, CNN might want to assign her to some duties that don’t involve letting her speak on camera. She has been an embarrassment to a corporation that desperately needs more viewers if it is to survive…and not go the way of Air America!


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