Democrat voter fraud justified in liberal minds to reject voter ID

Following the presidential election of 2012 in which Barack Obama carried five of the six states that had swung in 2008, the degree of voter fraud being perpetrated reached staggering levels.  Many Democrat districts reported more than 100% registered voter ballots being cast.  In a nation in which registered voters in presidential elections have historically turned out an average of 50%, getting 100% would be a stupendous achievement, if it were possible.  But exceeding 100% is not possible and can only be done through massive fraud.

Liberals believe that it is possible, which is simply more proof of liberal backwards think.  They say there are reasons voter turnout can exceed 100%.  Yes, there are, and it’s called illegal voters and illegal votes.  According to liberals, unregistered voters, including felons, illegal immigrants, and even dead people have the right to vote in American elections.  Unless extreme security is used in all polling places to observe them, they will continue to get away with committing voter fraud while blaming Republicans.

Blacks turned away in Democrat districts by some pollsters who said they already voted were said to be voter fraud by Republicans trying to suppress the black vote.  Yet more blacks voted in the 2012 election than in the 2008 election despite the economic devastation inflicted on the black community by Democrat policies.  Assuming that blacks are not so terminally stupid that they believe the economy after four years under Obama is still Bush’s fault, after eliminating the impossible, however improbable, must be the truth.

But there is nothing improbable about voter fraud.  Why would blacks in heavily Democrat districts be told they have already voted and that Republicans are denying them the vote?  The answer is that liberal Democrats already voted for them and when they showed up at the polls they were turned away because a vote in their name had already been cast.

In an age where computers rule and voting machines are made that do not have a paper trail except that kept by electioneers, it is easy for them to sign the person’s name and cast a ballot in their place.  In a country where 50% of registered voters historically do not vote, it is easy to cast ballots for those who typically do not show up to elections and cast a ballot for them.  But in a universe where it is impossible for more than 100% of a population to cast a ballot without stuffing the ballot box with fraudulent votes, it is a world controlled by liberals who are willing to lie, cheat, and steal an election to advance their destructive agenda against the will of the people.  They will continue to call this a fraud and blame conservatives.

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