Democrats feed the hydra, Obama says ‘tear down this fence’

Computer voting machines - NYT

With electronic voting now the machine of choice, lack of a paper trail leaves in question the results that machines produce.  Even the best computer can be hacked.  Obama strives to tear down the fence on the southern border and give more illegal aliens citizen’s rights.

This election is about how Obama’s policies have been affecting the country.  Soft on ISIS, opening the borders to illegal immigrants from the south, letting diseases enter the country without restriction, and strangling businesses and energy production in the name of saving the planet from the fraud of global warming.  Democrats all have a brown thumb – everything they touch turns to sh*t.  Obama

Believing that everything the president does is for the good of the country is naïve at best.  The success of the president to push his policies does not guarantee the success of the nation.  Ronald Reagan, the Bushes, and Newt Gingrich were all dedicated to making the nation a better place while restricting government intrusion.  Obama is dedicated to increasing government rulership to regulate the people as he sees fit, and America has paid the price.  He is such a narcissist that he announced to the world that Democrats are all lying in order to get re-elected and continue to support his policies.

America blossomed so well under Reagan’s policies, his fighting Democrats in Congress, that a full generation of great prosperity ensued and did not end until America was attacked on 9/11.  The only hiccup was the election of Clinton because of third party candidate Ross Perot.  But the people responded to Democrat’s policies by giving Republicans control of Congress for the first time in forty years.  Gingrich, a Reagan conservative, whipped Congress into balancing the budget for four years, the exact opposite of what Democrats did under Reagan when the double the National Debt, before he was ousted by moderates who wanted control of the federal purse.

The simple truth is that every time Democrats are given great power, 1912, 1932, 1976, and 2008, the nation suffers horribly under their policies.  That they can win re-election is more due to outstanding propaganda and voter fraud than to popularity.  In a country where half the people don’t show up to vote, getting votes from the dead, illegal aliens, and surrogates voting under multiple names is a simple thing without voter ID, which is why Democrats scream murder and racism at the very thought.

America’s decline will not stop unless the young learn the lessons of their elders and pay attention to what the government does and not just listen to what they say.  Just because there are 300 million people does not mean that they have to be ignorant.  Listening to both sides of the story, rather than being subsumed by the propaganda of one side, is the only way to discern the truth.  Only by hearing good common sense measured against foolishness can people learn to choose wisely.

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